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    Tool and cutter grinder - ID help needed

    I see no obvious means of attaching a hand wheel to drive through the rack. There is a lead screw to feed the table and you see the ends of that, but there is no means of disengaging the nut so I don't believe the rack was used to feed the table. I am guessing it was more for attaching...
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    Tool and cutter grinder - ID help needed

    Thanks for the replies. Greenfield Machine Co./Greenfield Tap & Die have been some of the closer looking examples but I haven't seen anything that convinces me that it's definitely in that family. The search continues.
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    Tool and cutter grinder - ID help needed

    I was given this flat belt grinder under the premise that it was a surface grinder. I believe it is actually a tool and cutter grinder minus the various accessories. I have not been able to determine who the maker might be. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    What's going on here?
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    4 line-shaft machines followed me home from a museum - history and 1st operation in 70 years

    Thank you John. Great reference info. That drive is for a slightly later machine, correct?
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    4 line-shaft machines followed me home from a museum - history and 1st operation in 70 years

    I would be more than happy to share info, measurements, etc. I do have some scanner access. I have not yet belted mine up yet but it's moving up the list. I have been collecting parts to assemble a reasonably appropriate countershaft as well. Hopefully I will get to that one in the fall. I...
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    4 line-shaft machines followed me home from a museum - history and 1st operation in 70 years

    I have a No. 3 Cinci 'ball joint' plain mill as well. The serial number is just below the spindle nose. I believe mine is 3385. It also has the three step cone.
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    Tool Identification - What does this thing do?

    I bet a mixer of some sort, paint or otherwise.
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    Adjusting starting torque on a R-I motor?

    By "reducing the timing of the brushes" do you mean reduce the speed at which it pulls the brushes and cuts out the repulsion starting windings? I would think it would still be just as 'violent' but maybe for a little shorter time. I was recently wondering about the potential to put a soft...
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    Funny you mention that since as I was looking at the first Lombard pic I was noticing how the machines on the right were turned so the daylight would be at the lathe operator's back and on the front of the work even though it brings the belt out toward the operator.
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    Anyone know more about this lathe/valve grinder?

    Actually poking around the site you linked above, I found this page (link below) with the manual and enlarged the picture. I have not purchased the manual to know what else it does. I do like that machine though. So far I am resisting the urge to try to purchase it...
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    Anyone know more about this lathe/valve grinder?

    Kwik Way it is. Their Model A as opposed to specifically for a Ford Model A
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    Spindle problems: Potter bench lathe

    I wonder if it has little to do with the oilers or the grooves. What if the steeper taper bottoms out before the shallow taper (either due to a bugger on the seat for the steep taper or excess wear on the shallow taper) and the shaft bounces around enough when turning that it essentially milks...
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    I thought it interesting to see what I assume to be the gauges they used to set up (or verify) the planers to get the bed V's correct at Fay & Scott. This a zoomed in view of the wall from Slide 25 from Greg's post #3.
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    Brown & Sharpe Lathe

    Although it seems quite outdated by then, I believe I have seen where Brown & Sharpe continued that rise and fall or "elevating" rest until at least 1905.
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    Antique Lathe Identification Help

    This is very interesting. A swivel head indeed. I agree with Rob in that there is otherwise little resemblance to a George Gage lathe. Please do get any information you can with regard to this particular lathe's history. Thanks, Eric
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    Putnam Positive Lok tool holders, 2 inch

    Lot of 11 pcs, assorted sizes. $100 plus shipping.
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    Hydraulic turbine for sawmill

    Marlene, There is a turbine collection in a Watertown, NY museum that might make for a nice educational field trip. Sounds like a few hours from you. Kinne Water Turbine Collection Keep us posted. Eric