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    Tree 425 (2) and Tree 325 CNC knee mills for sale

    Two Tree 425 CNC 3 axis knee mills and one 325 CNC 3 axis knee mill. One of the 425 machines has a power knee attachment with a hand control pendant. Dynapath Delta 20 controls. 30" X 15" X 6" travel(425) 27"X14"X6" travel for the 325 Both run excellent, have data transfer with drip feed...
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    I have three Tree machines for possible retofit

    I have two Tree 425's and one 325 knee mills. Not sure if I should put the money for a retofit or just sell them. One of the 425's has a power knee attachment. All three have Dynapath Delta controls. The 325 is the earliest version, but does have data transfer capabilities. The 425's have a...
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    Have any cool metalworking photos?

    Great pics guys.Just sat here and went through all 17 pages.Too bad some of the pics in the earlier post are gone now. I worked in the blow industry for 17 + years.Decided this year to start my own shop. Here is a pic of half a blow mold. Custom license plates Modified a MSD...