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    SB paint color

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    Is it worth restoring my South Bend 9B?

    Furnas Switch HELP! Hi All, I'm close to firing my lathe up! I just need to get the Furnas Switch wired correctly. What I have (for now) is an older GE 1/3 HP motor with 2-lugs ONLY, labeled 1 & 2. In every Reversing Switch-related wiring thread, I find the motors have 4-lugs. The SB 9B...
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    Is it worth restoring my South Bend 9B?

    To all who responded to my “Is it worth it” question - Thanks to each and every one of you for your thoughtful comments and insight!!! I have been working on a Rotex RM-1 Mill project, but I am back on my SB 9B… S/N 5524NBR 8. I think it was made in 1947. I will get it cleaned up and running...
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    Hi There, I am new to the forum, and I know it's been a few years (but I had to try). I hope you got your worm in place and all is good with your machine. I just picked up a Rotex RM-1 that has been sitting in a barn for about 40 years. At this point, I think there is hope for it. My goal...
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    Is it worth restoring my South Bend 9B?

    Hi All, This is what I am looking at: See the attached picture. SB 9" S/N: 5524NBR 8 I'm trying to decide if I want to rebuild this lathe. Below is what I found on my first look. The Montgomery Ward ¼ HP motor is toast! The Counter Drive Shaft is set up with V-Belt Pulleys, and the headstock...
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    Unusual old vernier calipers

    Yes, I agree with Revitt608; it’s the mid-20th century. (If this forum does not consider that an antique, please let me know) It’s made from high-quality tool steel and precision ground and housed in a velvet-lined hard case. It’s like a Depth Gage Vernier without any Vernier Fine Adjustments...
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    Unusual old vernier calipers

    Unusual Duel Vernier Hi All, I've had this Duel Inch Scale Vernier for about 30 years and have found no application for it. It was a hand-me-down from a Navy Yard Tool and Die Maker. The only Manufacturers marking on it is a W on the holder and several scales. There are .250" x 2.5", 4.5"...