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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Hi guys, I’m looking for any info on Alexander 2B & 20B Pantographs and also a Gorton 265-5 Dbit Grinder (single lip grinder. I’m having trouble finding info specific to these exact machines/models difficult. The Pantographs should be arriving in my shop tomorrow and i’m Currently cleaning up...
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    LOCK. Shaper

    The Lock Tool Co. you may be familiar with their lathe tool holders, that where I knew them from. I have been offered the opportunity to buy a basket case shaper by said company. I have two photos and it is literally in,pieces and part on a pallet and could be missing a lot of parts. It’s a...
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    Help identifying Small benchtop horizontal mill

    I will upload more photos when I figure out how the hell to get it out of the boot. If anyone can help identifying the make or similar would be appreciated.
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    Colchester Master 2500 - Motor Spec in Australia

    Can anyone please advise what motor is in their Australian delivered Colchester Master 2500? A photo of the motor plate will suffice.
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    EXAKT Drill chuck

    Guys I'm looking for info on an EXAKT 1. 5-26mm drill chuck I have in my Denbiegh Drill press. Exakt I think is German for exact, so maybe it is a German made chuck? I don't have a key for the chuck and it takes a much larger key than any I had in my box.
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    Denbigh Drill Press

    Last Sat I put a deposit down on this Denbigh drill press, I'm picking it up on Thursday. Information and catalogs etc seem pretty scare on these machines. Love to get some more info on the machine.
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    Lineshaft speeds

    I have a small collection of flat belt driven drill presses and grinder heads. All of which I intend to run off line shafts. I'm a bit stumped at working out the pulley speeds to sizes to get thing running at the correct speeds. Here is the data I have for two of the drills and one of the...
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    96" Linisher Belts

    Can people recommend suppliers of 96"x2" Linisher Belts? Having trouble finding anything bigger than 48" or 72" Does Norton make the Blaze belts in 96" size? These would be my preferred product.
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    Face Grooving / Trepanning in Lathe

    Guys I need to grind a HSS lathe tool to do the face grooving / Trepanning of some small replacement flat belt pulleys. THe original would have been cast and I need to make them as close to the original shape as possible. So the side of my grooves need a draft angle and the corners rounded...
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    Drilling & Tapping the Saddle.

    Quick question. I got my first lathe an old Qualos and I have borrowed a Travelling steady from another Qualos owner. Now his has two ground flats on the end of his saddle and a tapped hole in each to mount the steady. Mine does not. I have marked and laid out the locations and levelled the...
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    South Bend Practical Machine Shop Projects

    I have come across some great references to outh Bend Practical Machine Shop Projects. Does anyone out there have a copy of any of these projects, or PDFs of them?? There was also a training or student series. I think they would be a great way for me to learn to machine things and I get a...
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    Brown & Sharpe Catalog

    I picked up Brown & Sharp Tee Slotted universal indicator stand today. I believe it is a Model 730 or 731. Does any one have an old catalog they could scan for me so I can see what they were mean't to come wit or accessories etc. Cheers.
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    Help Identifying Drill

    I have just acquired a Disc based variable speed friction drive bench top camel back drill. No makers marks It could either be a local Australian made item, however most drills of this age were imported from UK or USA. It is a very pale blue paint (Baby Blue?) which could be original, and has...
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    Shaft and Bore tolerance in Drill Press

    Ok I have a question on bearing surfaces and tolerances. Firstly I'll give you details of the related project. The Spindle drive pulley would be fixed to the top sleeve by a grub screw or bolt. These turn as one and run directly on the machined top surface and the bore in the cast iron body...
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    RSB Camelback

    Hi Guys, Wondering if you can give me some help with a large bench top camelback. I say large as it is about 40" High, so 30% bigger than a Buke or Junior 10" The only real lead I got is an RSB lathe which is believed to have been made in the UK. Been searching the net and can't come up...