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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    Preliminary Layout for the CNC upgrade. All demolition is completed. I cut out 2 large panels from the original steel backing and attached a 3/16 aluminum plate on 1" spacers to allow better cooling properties. 30 amp breaker for power inlet (on/off) to a line filter branch 220 to the ABB VFD...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Original Parts Free

    After gutting the OEM power and control electrical and electronics (Textron) I am reluctant to scrap the parts. Anyone who wants these pieces are welcome to them free for pick up or pre-pay shipping and I will send the circuit boards Textron control panel with leads and box, heat sinks, power...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Boss 6 Quill Question

    Hi, I recently added a CNC to my shop. I picked up a Series 1 fixed head cnc 1981 era. My son and I tore out the electric and electronics(?)We purchased the Gecko drives, ABB Micro VFD for the spindle with ABB brake Resistor etc.. Upon tear down of the mechnical side I found the upper most shaft...
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    Test My Shop Photos

    Modified Grizzly Lathe