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    Homemade Mill Deckler-like

    As mentioned, the better solution for utilizing a Bridgeport J head is to aquire a WWII era benchtop mill such as a Burke No 4 or similar. These mills can be had for almost nothing, and give you everything you are seeking with zero effort, just mount the J head on the horizontal support and get...
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    Homemade Mill Deckler-like

    Can you show some photos of the setco parts. I'm an unclear about how the setco right angle works? With a Deckel mill, the x and z motion sits below the work piece, and the y motion is handled by moving the spindle which sits above the work piece, thus unlike a bridgeport, you are only stacking...
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    CAD/CAM choices Siemens NX or Fusion 360

    My vote would be for NX, it will not hold you back with limitations, and the newer versions are quite approachable in terms of learning curve.
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    Looking for a manual for a Mitisui High-Tec MSG-200M

    I have the manual, drop me a line via PM
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    How to get a decent mouse???

    Gaming wired mice will be the best, also I like the 3Dconnexion products.
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    O.T. Home owners insurance and fire coverage.

    My insurance carrier has teamed up with a 3rd party company that will spray fire retardant, close up exterior openings, and remove flammable materials away from the house if there is an imminent fire threat, all at no cost to me. I'm in California, in fire hazard location. This is such a great idea.
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    Grinding Concrete Floor Experience

    Grinding concrete generates a lot of nasty dust. For my effort, I setup a plastic enclosure, with HEPA vacuum system, and also fan with ducting to outside to generate negative air pressure. I used Hilti products for this effort. In addition, for final floor finish, I recommend diamond polished...
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    Which lathes can cut threads against stop more than Hardinge ?

    My Weiler Praktikant solves this problem with electronic stops (total of 8 stops for both x and z feeds), very convenient...this only works with machines that have servo controlled feeds though. Modern Weiler lathes also have a mechnical stop called a bed stop that actuates a slipping clutch to...
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    Surface Grinders... or lack of new decent ones

    I'd give a vote for Mitsui, very nice, traditional manual surface grinders. Photo here of my model year 2021 unit:
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    Fehlmann Picomax CNC 51 ("HVBV" relay, documentations)

    Contact Fehlmann directly, they are pretty good about providing support and parts.
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    calculating KVA to Amps

    1.73 is approx the square root of 3, since you have 3 phases that is where it comes from
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    calculating KVA to Amps

    single phase kVA = (V x A) / 1000 3 phase kVA = (V x A x 1.73) / 1000
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    Lathe/mill/drill combo

    MODERATOR: This thread needs to be closed
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    Mitisui High-Tec MSG-200M foot print.

    Front to back: 45" Side to side base: 42" plus you have to add space for movement of the table side to side, max longitudinal movement is 15" so I'd add that to the 42" + 2x15" = 72" All that being said, you want space around the machine to service it. Here's a photo of my machine purchased new...
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    Deckel FP1 Aktive for sale Athens GA

    The issue for the FP1 is that it has a relative small work envelope, thus less desirable in a production shop, but very desirable in a hobby setting. There most definately are folks that will appreciate this machine, you just have to get in front of that crowd.
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    Is a DUNS number ever a bad thing for a company to have?

    There is no downside, IMHO. And, you can potentially control information about your company by volunteering info. Often customers, vendors and others will do a quick check on your DUNS number, it just adds credibility to your business.
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    Deckel FP1 Aktive for sale Athens GA

    Don also knows about Deckels, first hand knowledge and appreciation.
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    Also, don't use poison. Other animals (birds, etc) will eat the dead mouse and get poisoned themselves. AND, often rodents will die inside the walls of the house leading to maggots and flies in your house. Better to just trap them.
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    O.T. - Best mouse poison

    Sure fire solution that works for me every time, is run of the mill mouse trap with peanut butter. You need to find where the mice droppings are and then place the trap nearby. Not so much for mice, but cats are fantastic for eliminating rats. Had rat problems for years at one of my rentals...
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    Deckel FP1 Aktive for sale Athens GA

    Just checked machineseeker.com and they have 30+ of these exact machines for sale currently, with one listed at 3900 Euro, and many in the 15K+ Euro range. Most of the machines for sale that I saw were in considerably better shape than the OPs machine, newer machines and better preserved. I...