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    OT: CRC brake cleaner - safe on rubber bellows / rubber accordian, plastic , acrylic?

    I do agree with using a pressure washer. My Lathe and mill were both cleaned this way. Do it on a hot summer day and the water will be gone fast. Also after washing, spray WD40 everywhere. Any of the important electronics are hidden out of way and won't get wet.
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    OT: CRC brake cleaner - safe on rubber bellows / rubber accordian, plastic , acrylic?

    The ZEP degreaser is OK as long as you keep it away from aluminum. It will turn it gray as is has some sodium hydroxide in it.
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    OT: CRC brake cleaner - safe on rubber bellows / rubber accordian, plastic , acrylic?

    CRC pro series brake cleaner is tetrachloroethylene which is a nonflammable solvent. If you take your clothes to a dry cleaner in the USA this is what is most commonly used for fabric cleaning as it disolves body oil and many other organic compounds. It is also used in paint remover and many...
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    Feed shaft material

    What brand of lathe is it? Many parts for Taiwan made lathe are still available. I have a 1976 Victor 16 x 40 made in Taiwan. They are still in business and parts are available.
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    Lathe recommendation for welding/fabricating shop

    Wit no machining skills you are gonna scrap a lot of parts learning how to run the lathe. If you have no experience running CNC machines that's a bigger problem if you get one. You need to become friends with a retired machinist. He will let you know what to get depending on what you are making...
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    Advice on DRO for Bridgeport

    I have both DRO Pros and Sony Magnescale. The Sony is made in Japan and the DRO Pro is made in India. They both work fine. The Sony has been running since 1982 with zero problems. The DRO Pro about 3 years with zero problems and it cost a lot less than the Sony.
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    milling a slot in nimonic 80?

    I have a 5/16" diameter nimonic 80 round shaft I need to mill a 1/8" wide by 5/16" long slot in it. And yes it is an exhaust valve. Old engine that does not use valve keepers but has a piece of rectangular steel that goes through the slot to hold the valve spring. Although nimonic 80 is probably...
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    Need a degreaser that leaves little to zero residue...........

    1,1,1 trichloroethane was not banned due to it being considered hazardous to humans but because it was thought to be bad for the ozone. The ban started to be phased in by 1989. Back in the 1970's I worked in a plant that had lots of solvents you can't get anymore including 1,1,1...
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    Valve Adjust Shim Material?

    What diameter are the valve stems? I would not be surprised if shims off some other engine will fit. You could also try this company. http://www.precisionshims.com.au/products/lap
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    Permanent thread locker ideas

    If using Loctite and are worried it may harden before you have the piecs fully together, put the parts in the freezer first. It will give you a few minutes before it hardens.
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    Lathe speed change while running (no clutch)

    I have a Victor lathe made in 1976 with 5HP. Every electrical part other than the motor and on/off - forward/reverse switch has been removed. No more relays, contactors or anything else. All was replaced by a 10HP VFD. I just measured the start up current with a 172 lb three jaw chuck. With the...
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    Educate me about brake caliper piston machining (SS vs Alu)

    Making brake parts is not scary when you have no other option. I don't think you realize that for many vehicles made not that many years go, new brake parts are not available. And making new parts yourself is the only option. Many things made more than 25 years ago that have hydraulic brakes...
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    So I accidentally bought an Taiwanese milling machine, what should I do?

    My brother years ago bought a used Bridgeport clone made in Spain by a company that no one had ever heard of and he got it at scrap price. After a good clean up I was jealous as it was made my Bridgeport seem cheaply made. And under the dirt were chrome ways and no wear was measurable anywhere...
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    OT - BA Threads to history of the Inch - et al!

    The Bentley did not have dual ignitions like on a airplane engine. If one distributor was having problems, you disconnected all the spark plug wires at the spark plugs and then plugged in all the spark plug wires from the other distributor and then flipped the switch on the dashboard.
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    Chipped corner on 2 flute end mill. Any fixes?

    Go to Ebay. You will probably find a new end mill for cheaper than trying to fix this one. It may take a week or two to find the exact one you need. Any time I need a mill that is an expensive size and may only be used once, Ebay is where I look. I bought a new Kyocera 3/4" solid carbide end...
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    OT - BA Threads to history of the Inch - et al!

    I have owned and worked on many British cars and motorcycles. The major British manufacturers wanted the absolute cheapest part they could get. And Lucas and many other companies were only to willing to make junk to get the order. I don't make this up and have read many articles about this. The...
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    OT - BA Threads to history of the Inch - et al!

    I have single pointed all the British threads with a radius, BSW, BSF, CEI, BSC and BA. Do I get the radius perfect on the tip of the tool, hell no! But it is close enough. If you look at a modern taps for these threads, they don't grind the radius that good either.
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    OT - BA Threads to history of the Inch - et al!

    Lucas is not who you should be blaming for making cheap junk. The automobile and motorcycle manufactures demanded the cheapest parts they could get that would last just long enough to get past the warranty period. I have worked on Lucas industrial electronic parts and they are made very well. A...
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    OT - BA Threads to history of the Inch - et al!

    Many of us Yanks do know what BA threads are. I often have to make screws and nuts for British electrical parts where on a restoration it must look as it did when new and the original hardware is no longer available. I have lost count of the number of 3BA screws I have made.
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    What thread profile is stronger whitworth or unified/metric?

    I don't think you see the point of what I and others are saying. The thread form the English used on many things has absolutely nothing to do with their industries failing. Are you saying had they switched to metric threads, they would all still be in business? There are many factors why they...