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    push button rifling

    So, assuming you had some push buttons and a barrel blank, and you want to push a button through... how the heck do you push a button through a two foot hole with a 1/4" or so rod, without having it buckle?
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    i-wander drill grind

    So, I'm looking at an early 1990s magazine with a too-blurry-to-be-useful picture of a long drill. The caption reads, "As an illustration of how special bits are available if required, here's a 1/4 in. diameter one over 12 inches long. Wandering off line is almost inevitable during the making...
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    93 or 95 Mauser blueprints here

    Machinery - Google Books "Machinery" magazine, Volume 22 April 1916 Starts on page 629 with a history of military rifle development, then a short section on layout and operation of a rifle factory, leading into (metric) dimensioned drawings, materials, and production processes to make a...
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    Mauser 98 left raceway cut

    A feature of the Model 98 Mauser was the "inner collar" bulkhead between the bolt and the barrel. The right side of the collar is cut away for the extractor; it looks like it's just broached straight through, so the collar is actually a C shape. The left side of the collar is solid, which...
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    skins/board appearance

    PM comes up (at least on my computer) as spidery gray text on a blazing white background. I have turned the monitor brightness down as much as I can, but it has gotten to the point where I have to highlight text with the mouse to read it when my eyes are tired. Some forums have "skins" or...
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    NET15, discounts, and COD

    I've noticed receivables have stretched out considerably in the last year, besides more delinquent or uncollectable accounts. I imagine it's happening to everyone. Most companies I deal with offer the usual net30 terms. Some of them have started offering a two or three percent discount for...
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    making a reamer?

    I'd like to chamber a barrel in .50 Beowulf. Chambering reamers aren't available from the usual sources. The case is 1.65" long and tapers from .525 at the neck to .535 at the base. With such a small taper, I think it would be reasonable to make a piloted reamer and do the job by hand in the...
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    cutting raceways

    Bolt action rifles normally use raceways, large grooves in the sides where the projecting bolt locking lugs ride when the bolt is opened. The original designers and manufacturers used large dedicated machinery and long broaches to cut the raceways. It was cheap and fast for production work...
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    interference fit barrel?

    I've been making some sketches for a turnbolt receiver. I've pondered the conventional screw-in barrel vs. the Savage style barrel nut, the second-design Arisaka takedown attachment, etc. The main factors have been my skill level and the equipment I have available. While looking at some of...
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    I am a moron (clamping)

    I never seem to have quite enough studs of the correct length for clamping stuff to the mill table. I'll cobble something up, swear I'll order more studs next time I order tooling, and always forget about it. This cycle has been going on for some years. (on the other hand, I once ran out of...