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  1. J

    Old drill press

    A buddy sold this old drill press to me and I’m wondering if anyone knows brand/model/year. I have not picked it up yet but he sent me pictures. Now to figure out how to post pictures
  2. J

    Large threading gear set - what lathe?

    This set came with my lathe and clearly does not go with it. But he just sold me all his lathe stuff at once. I have no idea what lathe thy go with but it looks like a complete set. I figured someone out there would know what machine thy go to. There are a few more in the set that are not in the...
  3. J

    WTB 5P collets

    I am in search of any 5P collets. I would love a set but would be happy with anything at this point. Thanks guys.
  4. J

    Abrasive 3B surfaces grinder - Stuck Spindle

    I have just bought an abrasive 3B surface grinder for what is considered a great price for my area. It was his fauthers and has sat for 20 years. He said he never used it but remembers his dad used it all the time. But he said he dad had an issue with with it and could not figure it out so it...
  5. J

    This old lathe worth picking up

    I work at a lumber mill and thy are auctioning off this old lathe. Befor this job I was a machinist for 8 years and would like to acquire at least a lathe for the shop. It's a silent auction and word on the street is there is not much interest in it from the other employees. That being said I...
  6. J

    FANUC 410 Servo Alarm, whats left to check?

    I just got my robodrill t14iA servo amps back from fix and all has been good. but this morning i started up the mill and i tryied to move the Y axis and it would move a little and then jump and groule. after that it tossed the 410 alarm at me which is axis error. I first pulled off the way...
  7. J

    Mill spindle running out .003

    I have a Fanuc Robodrill t14ia that i picked up used. The other day i was reaming some holes and noticed that the hole was over sized so i went to tap the reamer in. Well i could not get the reamer to true up. so i pulled the reamer and collet out and put my indicator inside the tool and i...
  8. J

    Taper cutting on a Mitsubishi FX10

    I have FX10 and I need to cut a part contour with back angle relief around all features. Like on a punch and die. My friend runs wires and said use G51 and G52 but on a mits I don't think that controls taper. I know I can manually control U and V but he said there was a way to just turn taper on...
  9. J

    FX10 edm, wire cutting problem

    On my fx10 edm when it breaks the wire and goes to cut and retread it blows the wire put a bit. If I put a very light pulling tension on the wire it will cut perfect but if I don't it glows red and kinda pops and is all messed up. It's like there is to much power to the cutter or not enough...
  10. J

    Fanuc T16i-M 999.9999 max DPM feed rate problem

    I am programing some engraving for my robodrill using the a axis and ran into a problem with the feed rate maxing out at 999.9999 DPM "degrees per min". I had read that there is a parameter that can I can change to get it to go faster and not max out at 999.9999. Thanks guys you have always...
  11. J

    Engraving using Z on round surface

    I am needing to engrave serial numbers on round parts and have an A axis. But what I'm wondering is if I could get away with just using the z axis. I use a .032 ball end mill for engraving and thought it might work slick if I could get the z to fallow the crurve of the part. I need at max 3...
  12. J

    Send tool diamater to macro variable

    I'm writing a program that uses a lot of trig and variables to cut pockets of different sizes. what I'm wanting to do is pass the actual tool diameter from the offset page to a variable in the program. I'm running a robodrill and have all my tools as 1-14 and diameters as 20-34. so tool 5 has a...
  13. J

    Math help, cutting a Half sphere pocket.

    I'm running a fanuc robodrill and need to set up a program that will cut different size half Spheres into aluminum using different size ball end mills depending on the size of the pocket needed. What I'm wanting is a way to enter the cutter and half sphere diameter as well as the depth of each...
  14. J

    Fanuc robodrill spindle noise

    Just getting my used robodrill set up and noticed that when I kick on or off the spindle it makes a low growling kinda squealing sound. When running its fine but just when I turn it on or off it sounds bad. What could it be? Thanks guys.
  15. J

    Robodrill over travel alarms

    I am new to the robodrill and have been playing with it for the last few days. It's a t14ia that was made in 1998. Everything was going great up to last night. I pushed a button like the MDI key or quick/NC and it said buss error. I could not switch off power with the off button so I had to hit...
  16. J

    Cylindrical mapping on a Fanuc?

    I have just set up my robodrill T14iA and have a question. I am going to need to do some cylindrical mapping and engrave words on a round part. I know on the haas I run I can just call out cylindrical mapping and then tell it the radius of the bar and it converts Y movement into A axis angle...
  17. J

    Mitsubishi fx10, questions

    We just got a FX10 and got it started up the other night. Everything looks good I just have a few questions that I can't find in the manuals. First is how do I get it out of metric mode? Next, the hand control when used just moves it in steps not a continuous motion. And last, is it normal for...
  18. J

    1874 Sharps build

    First off I would like to say hi. I come across this sight often in my searches so I thought it was about time to join all the other machinists and register. I'm in the process of building an 1874 sharps rifle at work for my self and I would like to toughen it up a bit. The original sharps can...