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    LLC taxed as S Corp-I screwed up didnt I?

    When I started my LLC ( was SP ) in 2018 I chose to be taxed as S Corp. I didnt do a lot of research ( clue number 1 ), but a former employer ( very successful in business ) always extolled the virtues of chosing S corp over C corp. Made sense to me. It was never a problem until this year. We...
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    Reliability: How old is too old for a CNC Lathe/Mill?

    I have a small shop with 2 cnc lathes and 2 cnc mills. Looking at another lathe, bigger than my two. They get expensive quick when you get larger than 15" chuck and 80" or longer. So that means Im looking at older ( cheaper ) machines. Really hate going older than 10yrs or so, but my price range...
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    Oil related shops, how are yall doing?

    Just checking in with those that do work for the oil and gas industry. Looks like its going to be rough for a while. How are yall doing, feeling?
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    How to get DHS Critical Infrastructure Letter

    Looks like they will be shutting down Harris County where some of my customers are, and most of my matl comes from. They are handing out letters to allow critical employees pass. According to DHS we qualify, but I cant find out how to get the letter. I emailed DHS about it yesterday, but havent...
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    Help me understand the mind of a buyer/procurement

    I know everyone is an individual, but help me underetand the thought process of a buyer. I cant break into new customers. The buyers all completely ignore any emails or walk-ins. I literally have had a 0% success rate when walking in and talking to people/dropping off a brochure/info. I have...
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    ISO Certification and oil related manufacturing

    Another lively thread got me to wondering whether ISO would help non aero or govt machine shops get work. I have a small shop, 2 full time guys ( including myself ) and 2 part time guys. We are a bit north of Houston. Almost all we do is oil related. I am having a tough time picking up new...
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    Replacing SRAM/FROM Fanuc 21i

    I have been having issues with a Fanuc 21iTB. According to the book the symptoms show a hardware issue, and replace either main board or SRAM. We replaced the main board but it didnt fix the issue. I contacted Fanuc to get a SRAM and they are saying a Fanuc tech has to do it because its a...
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    Chuck actuator intermittent leak?

    The actuator on my 2004 Daewoo Puma 300LC is leaking. I have seen this before but this time its kind of weird. The leak is intermittent and I dont know what the variable is. Some days it leaks, some days it doesnt. A ran a job on Op1 and it didnt leak ( raw stock ), then turned the part around...
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    Recommend a 12 or 15xd deep coolant thru drill for 304 Stainless-problems

    Have a job drill drilling 304 stainless, I thought I did my research and bought Guhring 5525 carbide drills with coolant thru. I programmed their recommended speed and feed. Straight thru, no peck. By the time I got 2" deep chips started packing and drill making noise. Been fighting it and only...
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    Profitability with only one employee?

    Small shop, me and 1 employee. Really just brainstorming and looking for yalls thoughts. I am pondering whether an employee is really worth it. I love working alone, and as long as I have work, do very well. But trying to expand my customer base has convinced me to hire someone. The issue is...
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    Workers Comp injury, layoff quandry

    Im a small shop, 1 employee plus me. Work has slowed to the point that I was planning on letting him go. No pick up in work in sight, it all just stopped. So here is the problem. Thursday he was loading a part and hurt his back. I told him if they are too heavy I will load them for him. He...
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    Is it just me, or is finding/buying used eqpt a major hassle?

    Been looking for another CNC Lathe and having flashbacks of the last time I bought one. Literally only about half of the dealers I RFQ a machine shown on their site even respond. A few I have talked to on the phone promised to email a quote but never did. Several dont actually have the machine...
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    Hiring first employee: Strict work schedule or flexible, and other questions.

    Im finally nearly to the point of hiring my first employee. Reality is that I should have months ago, but I have been kind of dreading it and had to get some things in order before I pull the trigger. Of the many questions I have, one is whether I should just come up with a work schedule that...
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    Looking for a CNC Tech/company to inspect CNC Lathe Omaha, NE

    I am looking at a CNC Lathe located in Omaha, NE. I need to have it checked out before purchase, but just dont have the time to go myself. Do yall know or recommend anybody in that area? Just need the typical stuff checked. Even a very good CNC machinist well versed in them would work in a...
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    Is having your shop on your homestead a handicap/detrimental?

    I have a small one man shop, just a Puma 300 CNC Lathe and a Leadwell V30 VMC. At the moment I have a lot of work, but most of it is from two customers. They keep me so busy that I really need to hire someone and buy at least another lathe to expand my customer base-I dont want to depend so much...
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    Fanuc 21 Hanging at Graphics, Rom parity error, Sram ecc alarm

    2004 Daewoo Puma 300L fanuc 21i Over the past several weeks I have been having a few issues. Started with hanging up at the Graphics Screen after turning control on. A few off and ons and it would come up and get past it. Then occasionally would go straight to boot screen and say "rom parity...
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    Hooking 2 phase converters together for CNC, question.

    I know you can hook 2 regular converters in sequence for regular loads like engine lathes etc. But what about CNC applications? I have a American Rotary 25hp Converter that has been running my VMC, now I need one for a CNC Lathe. Can I just add another idler, start it separately and be good...
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    Phase Converter, breaker sizing. Again

    In the process of buying a new machine. 2004 Daewoo Puma 300LC. It bigger than what I was looking for but it was a good deal, and local. ( and bigger is better, right haha ) The problem is I need more power for it than I have available. I only have 125amps to the shop. ( single phase ) I already...
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    CNC Tech needed Rancho Cucamonga, CA area to inspect lathe

    I am looking at an older CNC lathe in the Rancho Cucamonga area. I am in Texas and dont really have the time to check it out. I need someone to do a prepurchase inspection on it. Will need a fairly detailed report. Anyone interested or know someone trustworthy? Thanks
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    How/why, Fanuc "power on" hours show 99999

    Been looking at an older lathe with a Fanuc 18T control on it. One thing has me scratching my head. The "power on" hours show 99999 ( not sure how many actual 9s but you get the point ) I have never been able to change/alter the "power on" hours on any machine I have tried, so this makes me...