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    Noise from aluminum structure when welding?

    the part moving/flexing and rubbing a little on the jig or hold downs?
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    New horizontal bandsaw recommendations needed... Budget max $5k-$6k

    i have an ellis 1600. i love the saw. i like that the head pivots instead of having to pivot it the material. i originally wanted a saw with coolant but have never had any issues with cutting dry plus there is way less mess and cleanup with no coolant. it’s also easy to set up a stop on...
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    Welding hydraulic fittings

    this has been my experience also. never had any issues tig welding thing up.
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    Weld sequence for this part?

    i would tank every thing together with 4 tacks on each joint. i would preheat it with a weed burner torch and weld the ends and work from one end to the other. i don’t think it will warp too much with some preheat since the tubes will be trying to warp into each other. the other thing you...
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    AMERICAN Tool Works Lathe serial number 57691

    i’m assuming there is a tapper pin holding the handle to the shaft. as far as the handle it self, it looks like a slotted screw in the side of it. it’s possible that it’s just gummed up witch stuff from over the years of use.
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    American 20" lathe apron mounted leadscrew reverse not working

    i have a 16x54 pacemaker and it has the reverse on the apron as well. on mine there the switching of the lead screw is in the feed/speed gear box and not in the headstock. im assuming yours is the same way. if you follow the rod that the lever hooks to, you can follow it to the side and...
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    plasma multiple pierce

    im running a hypertherm 45xp and it just has a plug that runs from the back port on the plasma to the controle box for the table.
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    plasma multiple pierce

    whats the pierce delay, i know on mine if its set at .02 or lower it does the same thing. i set it a little higher and it has no issues. also make sure the clamp is on the material and not just the table.
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    Metal Bnadsaw swivel arm lock.

    my dewalt sliding chop saw at work i’m sure is a similar setup. it’s hand operated though.
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    Thread Repair Inserts for Aluminum Cylinder Head; aluminum, steel, or stainless?

    why go to the trouble to make an insert, i have used keenserts on a few four wheeler's that had issues like that. easy to put in and they cant spin.
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    Bead roller for thicker aluminum sheet (0.100-0.125")?

    thats just what i was thinking. pullmax, thrump, lenex, should be able to find someone around that that has one. I have a trumpf and i would bet it would have no problem doing that thick of material
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    True-Trace For Sale

    I have the same one on my 16x54 pacemaker. Im half tempted to get it just for parts for mine but im sure shipping on it would suck.
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    looking for K&T rotary head mill

    yep. that is what i’m looking for. i didn’t know you could place a wanted add on there. ill look into that. thanks for the info
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    looking for K&T rotary head mill

    I was looking for a K&T rotary head mill and figured i would see if any one around here was getting rid of one before i look other places. I would prefer that it has a dro and a power knee on it but beggars don’t get to be choosers. I did see a couple on ebay but i’m guessing that’s it’s just...
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    Pullmax or similar wanted

    yep it is 220 3 phase.
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    Pullmax or similar wanted

    All MetalShaping that is the thread i had on rebuilding my machine
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    Pullmax or similar wanted

    I have a Trumpf 701. it’s a very well built machine. as far as moving parts go, they are a super simple and way over built machine. the head has all the moving parts in it and ther is basically just 2 off center rings inside of it. one is controlled by the motor the other by a hand dial...
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    Pullmax or similar wanted

    if your looking for a machine for shaping metal i would look at a Trumpf. They have a lot more features that i think have an advantage over the pullmax. I like that the head moves up and down on a foot pedal vs a hand lever. that lets you hold the work with both hands. you can also...
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    need large flat spring for old playground toy

    thanks for all the reply's, hopefully on of the places i email will get back to me.
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    need large flat spring for old playground toy

    I was wondering if anyone knows where i can have a spring made for an old playground toy that i restored for the kids. There is a place here in town but they have no interest in making me one or a couple of them. i’m guessing the spring is 5” wide, bent in a “U” shape with a couple mounting...