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    info on older haas vmc

    i found a '95 model vmc for a very reasonable price, however the seller knows nothing about it. it belonged to his rentors, they left it when they moved out. he sent me a pic of the serial tag, all it says under model is '3' im not familiar with older haas machines, or what vmc models they had...
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    Chevalier replacement parts

    I've got a 2000 chevalier falcon 1830mb tool room bed mill with the 5hp variable speed pulley drive and the head is starting to make some noise. I figured I'd get the parts so that I have them on hand for when it needs done but I called chevalier and the parts are discontinued. Anyone have a...
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    Variable speed drive question

    Hi, I've got an idea, not original by any means, but I have a chevalier 1830mb which is essentially a bed mill with a variable speed pulley 5hp Bridgeport head. I'm wondering about making the motor itself variable speed, and setting the belt to a position that it runs well, but have a dial...
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    Finding Customers

    Hey all. ive got a small part time shop near Dallas-Ft Worth. i work full time in a machine shop but i want to grow my customer base at my home shop and eventually turn it full time once i can invest in the machines and shop space to do so. I own the machines in my shop free and clear, so i...
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    In the market for turning center

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced turning center for my home shop, I'm considering something like a qt or sqt. I don't know a ton about Mazak model numbers or comparables but those have caught my eye and would fit nicely in my space. How user friendly is the mazatrol controller? I've...
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    Fusion 360 crash

    Having some problems with fusion. I can pretty much do everything design wise, but now I can't go into the tool library like I used to be able to. As soon as I click the tool library icon it freezes up and I have to reboot the program. Not as familiar as I should be with cad/cam but in my mind...
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    Tap recommendations for D-2

    I'm looking at a production job that includes tapping D2, at 3/4-10. I know its pretty abrasive and rated at pretty low machinability so I was wondering what flute design, coating, and even tapping fluid I should be trying, as well as what kind of life I should expect. Not yet sure if form...
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    High Quantity Limited Resourse Job

    I was given an opportunity to do a job in my home shop, outsourced from the shop i work for, because theyre swamped right now and my boss is kind enough to give me some work here and there, it benefits both of us. The job is simple, I need to square up 1000 pieces of D2, +/- .001, with a...
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    UCIMU Summit-16 lathe question

    im looking into an old summit-16 lathe. cant seem to find a lot of info on it, which makes me somewhat nervous. im on a tight budget and the price is right, but i dont want a perpetual project. the only identifiers on the machine are the UCIMU badge, with the first four digits, the last digit is...
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    Anilam 3300m blank screen

    went to power up my anilam 3300m today but the screen just stayed a dull grey. tried hooking up another moniter to it and same thing. am i looking at a hard drive or motherboard crash? what do i need to do to fix it and get me running again?
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    Anilam 3300m help

    so i have a chevalier 1830MB with an anilam 3300M controller, circa 2000. until now ive been able to do most all of my parts using the conversational controller. id like to move into uploading a program from a pc, but i cant seem to find enough information about it. honestly i need a...
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    problem with Anilam 3300M

    i have a chevalier 1830MB bed mill with an Alnilam 3300M controller, i believe it is a 1999 or 2000 machine. i dont keep the machine terribly busy, but my customers usually want things yesterday (big surprise there). when i power the machine on and home it, it will usually make it through the...