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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    My shop consists of myself and one employee. He's been working here for 3 years and he's been extensively trained over time and I consider him the best and most valuable employee I've ever had. He produces and contributes greatly to the shop output. But here's the rub... He's a moody guy and...
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    Any Google Voice or Dialpad Users out there - recommendations appreciated

    I've been researching simple phone setups that would give me the ability to have an auto attendant and dial by name directory. Currently using landline with basic answering machine and doing the whole call screening thing. So far Google Voice and Dialpad seem like good options and was hoping...
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    How are thread ring gages made?

    I've searched for this but seems like no one wants to let the cat out of the bag. Are they made by ID grinding or are they simply tapped and calibrated with a set plug? Does it vary for small and large sizes? Is there a supplier that sells the gage blanks in unhardened condition and then it's...
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    Need help finding a centerless grinding shop for small parts

    I have 2 little straight pins that need to get centerless ground down to size on the OD. One is .040 +/- .0002 and the other is .0625 +/- .0002 Both parts are made from 303 SS and OAL = .525 We run them a little oversize on our Swiss to somewhere around .004/.005 oversize on the OD. Qty = 750...
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    Adhesive Recommendation - Plastic To Metal

    I need to glue a reducing bushing into the back side of a Swiss CNC collet. The collet is made of alloy steel and the bushing is made from plastic. I'm having a hard time finding an adhesive that will hold the bushing in place. I've tried gorilla glue and super glue with no luck. The bushing is...
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    Looking for 4340 Round Bar Supplier

    I'm looking for material suppliers of 4340 round bar. Looking for 9/16 or 5/8 diameter normalized and tempered. About 71 bars worth. I'm in southern California. I already work with Fry, Pierce, & EMJ. Looking for additional sources even if out of state. Thanks.
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    Rambold Turret Lathe For Sale

    I have this little Turret lathe that is no longer being used in the shop. This is a Rambold Turret Lathe made in Germany. Takes TF style dead length collets. Collet capacity is 1/2" round. Great for 2nd op work or short run production of screw machine parts. Being sold as is. The machine is...
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    Spindle Drive Repair On A Citizen Swiss

    I have a 1990 Citizen L10 Swiss CNC and the spindle drive (actually inverter) is acting up. Spindle will be rolling along just swell and then blast off to full speed out of no where and will stay stuck there. The machine controls are Yaskawa but the spindle control is Mitsubishi - P/N...
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    WTB - Doosan Lynx 220LC or 220LSYC CNC Lathe - 2013 or newer

    Looking for a used Doosan Lynx 220LC or Lynx 220LSYC. 2013 or newer Must come w/ 4 ft bar loader and a chip conveyor otherwise it's not worth my while. Ideally coming from some where in So Cal, but will entertain areas outside of this. PM me.
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    Need Source for Parts Containers

    I'm a shop owner and am having a heck of a time finding good sturdy containers for holding parts as they come off the machine. We run Swiss for the most part and parts pile up quickly. I'm looking for suggestions on container Mfr's or anything that you might use that works in the shop. I'm...
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    Need Parameters for Miyano BNC34T with Fanuc OT-A

    I have a 1990 Miyano BNC34T and all parameters, programs, and offsets got wiped out. Does anyone have Diagnosis and Parameter Values? Control is a Fanuc 0T - A Machine was running great and decided to replace key pad membrane. Bought one off Ebay and when mounted apparently wasn't a good fit...