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    milling a slot in nimonic 80?

    I have a 5/16" diameter nimonic 80 round shaft I need to mill a 1/8" wide by 5/16" long slot in it. And yes it is an exhaust valve. Old engine that does not use valve keepers but has a piece of rectangular steel that goes through the slot to hold the valve spring. Although nimonic 80 is probably...
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    Drilling a .004" hole.

    Some months back I asked about drilling holes in brass with a number 78 drill which is .016" Your advice about using a sensitive type drill chuck helped. I have now been asked if I can drill the same holes with a .0039" drill? I have the drill bits but they are $17 each and I am scared that...
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    Surface finish for bore of brake master cylinder?

    I have an old obsolete brake master cylinder for which rebuild kits are no longer available. It is Italian and made by Brembo. The cylinder is aluminum. The only good thing is Brembo made the identical master cylinder but with a little bit bigger bore. Rebuilds kits for the bigger size are...
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    Advice needed on 50 ton hydrauic press recomendations.

    In the near future I will be needing a 50 ton hydraulic press. I have seen what is available USA made but are mostly used and old but still usable. What I am wondering is are the new China made ones complete junk? Should I stick with only USA made or ?????? I don't want a restoration project if...
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    Drilling with a number 78 drill. They keep breaking!

    I need to drill some holes in brass using a number 78 drill which is .016" diameter. They are through holes and I am drilling a 1/4" thick brass rod held in a collet. The drill bits keep breaking! I have never used a drill bit this small. I am sure I am doing everything wrong. I don't have a...
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    Bridgeport mill spindle oil. Velocite #6 or #10?

    I have been using Mobil Velocite #6 oil in my 2HP series 1 Bridgeport mill for 20 years with no problems. I was recently told that is the wrong oil and I should be using Velocite #10 which is a little bit thicker oil. Searching the web, there is no definite answer. Even business specializing in...
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    Who makes 4 point wrenches? Old type box wrench.

    OK, this should be a simple problem. The 5/16" 4 point (square head) Armstrong wrench has disappeared from my shaper for tightening the tool on the clapper box. Should be simple to find another one. Well it appears no one makes these kind of wrenches anymore. I can find lots of different kinds...
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    Measuring screw thread angle for unknown thread?

    I am making a part to fit a British carburetor made in the 1940's. I am trying to measure the thread to make the part. The thread is 1 3/4" x 24 TPI. Even with thread gages I can't determine if it is BSF (55 degrees) or CEI (60 degrees). My eyes are not good enough to see a 5 degree difference...
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    Surface grinding a Rockwell test block back to new condition?

    I have a few Rockwell hardness test blocks that are running out of areas to test upon. I was wondering if I could surface grind them back to new? As they are scrap if I can't do this, what do I have to lose? If I get the exact same hardness reading before and after grinding, then I should be OK...
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    To grind a perfectly round shaft. Hone, cliyndrical or centerless.

    I have 3 Sunnen honing machines but have never OD honed. Does it offer any advantages over cylindrical or center-less grinding if you want to make a part (very hard) as round as possible? The area to be ground is only 1" long and 13/16" diameter. I was going to cylindrical grind it (don't have a...
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    Waht type of metal are Sunnen truing sleeves made out of?

    Sunnen prices are insane and I need a truing sleeve. How they can charge such a crazy amount of money for a piece of thick tubing is beyond me. The size I need is not on Ebay at the moment so I need to make one. What are they made out of? Cast iron or steel? I am thinking cast iron as it is...
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    .0001" boring heads. Opinions of Kennametal tenthset?

    A question in regards to boring heads that can be adjusted in .0001" increments. All the ones I have can only be adjusted by .001". I need to bore some holes and need to be as close to the dimension as possible. Are these .0001" boring heads that good when you adjust them or no better than a...
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    Sunnen honing oil for hardened 52100. Which one?

    I called Sunned twice yesterday and once today. Each time I get the tech support answering machine and they have not called back. The question is for 52100 hardened to Rockwell 62, what is the best choice for honing oil. They sell thirteen different kinds and don't give a lot of useful advice...
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    Micrometer standards are not very accurate?

    I needed to set zero on a new Starrett 10ths reading 3" to 4" micrometer. So I use the supplied standard. I was called away for a few minutes and forgot I had set zero and got another standard that was closer to me (Brown & Sharpe, USA made) and it reads .0002" bigger. I rechecked with the...
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    Sunnen bore gauge setting fixture. Accuracy of it and problems?

    I recently found a used Sunnen bore gauge setting fixture (0 to 2"). It looks in close to new condition. After setting the zero it reads .0003" off at 1" and .0006" off at 2" using gauge blocks. Yes I know due to errors in the screw thread, no micrometer is gonna read dead on at all points. But...
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    Sunnen mandrel compatability

    I have three old Sunnen hones. Models MA and LBA. They use the obsolete SL series mandrels of which I have many as they can still be found new on ebay for cheap. I will soon need to hone a bunch of connecting rods and wanted to use the appropriate mandrel for the job which is a CR1750 mandrel...
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    Warpage of 52100 after heat treat?

    I need to make a roller bearing as the old one is not available (made in 1929). The inner part is a shaft which I made out of 8620 and case hardened to RC 62 and ground and all done. It has no cage so don't need to make that. Rollers are standard 1/4" x 1/4" so don't need to make them either...
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    Does anyone use the old type calipers anymore?

    I have a number of old outside and inside calipers which I never use. Today for the first time I needed to use an outside one as a micrometer would not fit in the slot I was trying to measure and I did not need great accuracy. As they are sill being made, I am wondering, other than maybe a wood...
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    Disassemble a KDK tool post?

    Anyone know how to take apart a KDK quick change tool post? Mine needs a good cleaning and lube after 40 years of use. Other than the screw that holds the handle on, I don't see any other hardware. KDK is out of business so can't ask them. It is a KDK 150 series if that makes any difference.
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    Source of "Q" collets?

    After lots of searching, I can't find any source for "Q" size collets. It is for a Bridgeport Quill Master. No one seems to make them anymore and I was at least hoping to have the dimensions to make them myself but no luck their either. HELP?