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    I believe this is a R8 Shank 1-1/2"-18 Thread for Boring Head mount from Criterion that has been polished. This is my father's and I believe he polished it years ago so now I have no part numbers or anything to prove it so i am selling it as unbranded. I have listed this on ebay for 30+8...
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    BULK knurled .175 flat contact point f/d/ind USA MADE 4-48 indicator nobs NEW OLD STOCK $5 each plus shipping.

    These are new old stock my father ordered in bulk and these are the extras. These nobs are knurled with 4-48 thread for an indicator. Made in the USA I have a total of 18 pcs I am listing these as $5 each. first class postage in a bubble mailer is going to be $5 each but Its possible to get them...
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    Stainless steel pipe elbows. for sale 2 1/2, 3, 6 inch 0D

    I have some stainless elbows that I would like to sell please feel free to message me offers here or on ebay. Vincent 541-921-8967 2" Schedule 40 Long Radius Butt Weld 90° Elbow XHWPB ck80 Carbon Steel $8 + 10 shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/234590525289 2 1/2 INCH 90 DEGREE Long Radius...
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    chris kaessmann jm17126 M-16 45 Degree jmtba Retention Knob jmtba $43.00

    My father ordered an extra one for his cnc years ago and did not need it. This is new old stock and the package does have shelf wear. I listed this on ebay for a few dollars under the lowest guy but this is definitely Best offer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234590509383 please feel free to call or...
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    Home made reverse flush plate for a die sinker edm

    This item weighs about 40 lbs. and the rough dims are 13 3/8 x 9 1/8 x2 5/8 This is a home made reverse flush plate for a die sinker edm but could be used on other equipment. It has a hole on the bottom that is threaded and also a threaded hole on the back for your fluid to go into.The hole in...
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    BT40 Tool holders.

    These are from our Kuraki KV-700 I will be editing this post as I list them on ebay. Solid tool holders 1 inch 25+15 shipping each bt40-ema1"-85 1 inch BT 40 tool holder bt40-ema1"-85 | eBay bt40-ema1"-90 1 inch solid BT40 tool holder bt40-ema1"-90 | eBay 3/4 25+15 shipping each 3/4...
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    Seco 1 1/2 indexable coolant end mill r217.69-01.50-3s-09ta with 1 1/4 shank

    This is able to do through coolant and does have three used inserts installed but you will want to order new inserts. I have listed it on ebay for $125.00 with $20.00 shipping. Seco 1 1/2 indexable coolant end mill r217.69-01.50-3s-09ta with 1 1/4 shank | eBay Please feel free to call or...
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    Die springs 1 OD 1/2 rod 15 5/8 long, also 1.2 OD .650 rod 12 inch long

    I have some die springs that have been on the shelf and dont think we will need any time soon. I have listed them on ebay as well as here. I have 5 springs Blue Medium Duty 1 inch OD, 1/2 inner rod dia, 15'' 5/8 long. I listed on ebay for $20+20 shipping Die spring Medium Duty blue 1 inch dia...
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    6 inch Kitagawa 3 jaw self centering d1-5 camlock reversible chuck model 6-866 $300

    6 inch Kitagawa 3 jaw self centering d1-5 camlock reversible chuck model 6-866 This is a good looking older japanese chuck and the scrolls seem very smooth! We use a D6 camlock and have another 6 inch chuck so I didn't want to make an adapter plate. This is a good older japanese I have this...
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    KURAKI KV-700 CNC mill with Fanuc 6m control parts and electrnoics for sale.

    My father got this CNC milling machine center back in the early 90's and has never run it very fast or hard. I work alone with my father but we are looking to downsize so I can buy a first home and work out of it. This Kuraki KV-700 has some cracked bellview washers in the head of the...
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    bridgeport series 1 interact pneumatic speed control & break control assembly $115 OB

    bridgeport series 1 interact pneumatic speed control & break control assembly $115 OB This is the pneumatic speed control and break control manifold off of a working Bridgeport Interact series 1. It was taken off of our Bridgeport interact series 1 because was wanted to have manual control...
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    Looking for manual for SIP TOPMIG 150 TURBO

    I was given a SIP TOPMIG 150 TURBO with the gun already removed. I was also given a new Tweco mini gun part#35-15. My question is out of the new gun is two electrical wires for the trigger switch. I know one will hook up to the PCB Card but I cant seem to find a place where the other wire goes...
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    Selling 7/8x5x18 A2 flat stock $195+35 shipping

    I ordered this from MSC for a job and ended up not needing it. it has been on the shelf for a few years and has some shelf wear and Sharpe on it. Please see pictures. MSC has a description of msc part #85999092 18 Inch Long x 5 Inch Wide x 7/8 Inch Thick, Tool Steel Air Hardening Flat Stock - +...
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    Heidenhain tnc151b controller for Bridgeport interact CNC machine $450+70 shipping

    I will ship this the cheapest way possible but it will most likely be ups. I ordered this TNC151B as parts not working and when I opened the case to look at the boards the X and HR plug wires where not plugged in enough to make contact. I didn't unplug any boards or change anything else...
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    Kant-Twist Clamps 12 inch and 9 inch

    $50.00 for 9 inch Kant-twist $100.00 for 12 inch kant-Twist Vincent 541-921-8967
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    1 1/2 drive sockets $400 OBO

    These sockets are 1 1/2 drive. Only one is a snap-on brand the other 4 are unbranded. The sizes include 2 15/16, 2 5/8, 2 9/16, 2 11/16 (snap-on is $264.00 new), 2 1/2 $400.00 OBO Vincent eggleton 541-921-8967
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    CAT 40 face mill holders

    These holders are used and I would like $47.00 each OBO I am willing to ship anywhere in the US Parlec CAT40 3/4" Facemill Holder C40-75SM1 27701 MADE IN USA. stm cat40-fmd19.05-45u facemill tool holder CZECH made lyndex facemill holder cat 40 c400-0.750 JAPAN Vincent eggleton 541-921-8967
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    Machinist jacks with Vlier Pivotal Stud Mount Leveling pads

    These jacks can extend to 5 1/2 tall max and are 4 inches tall minimum With 1/2-13 thread these machinist jacks have Vlier swivel pads. I believe the pads are 5,000 Max Lb Capacity, 1-7/8" Base Diam $80.00 OBO With US shipping included. Vincent 541-921-8967
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    (4pcs) Niagra cutter part # s-4062 staggered tooth sidemill 4 x 3/8 x 1 1/4

    (4pcs) Niagra cutter staggered tooth sidemill 4 x 3/8 x 1 1/4 part number s-4062. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS A cutter looks like it could be NOS But but the other 3 have signs of use or surface rust so i am listing all of them all as used please see pictures. $70.00 OBO I will...
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    SELLING BT50 Tool holders

    I have a Takisawa Mac-V5 that takes the BT50 tool holders and I have more holders then I really need so I am looking to sell my extra tool holders if any one is interested please message me or call. These tool holders are used and do have some signs of wear but are in working order. (5)...