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    A question to grinding shops what causes this hub damage

    I purchased some used grinding hubs for 1-1/4" arbor size wheels. Several of them have been beaten. I'm curious why this would be done. I'm assuming it somehow centers the tapered hub on the machine taper. https://youtu.be/tq0lODvgyAg
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    What is this D1-8 mounting plate for?

    I got this off eBay to use on a lathe chuck, but wanted to know what its purpose was before putting a pilot of 4mm for a Bison chuck.
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    Repairing induction motor rotor shaft

    This motor was on my lathe as a replacement I did from single to 3phase. I removed the rotor to cut the key shaft down to the original pulley of the lathe. It was 7/8", and I reduced it to 5/8". Do to shock and cantilever of pulley position on shaft, this failed. The shaft snapped off. So the...
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    #8 Morse taper specification data

    I have searched the web, and can not find any technical dimension data for a #8 Morse Taper. The machinery book stops at #7. My lathe has the spindle nose with this taper, as it's 80mm/3.125 through hole. I want to make a tool that fits this taper. Does anyone here have this information? Thank...
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    Lathe taper attachment deadman arm, why is length of arm adjustable

    I have a 16x48 lathe, I purchased a taper attachment from a 20x80 lathe. So far, not too bad, existing carriage has mounting holes at correct spacing for 2 of the taper attachment holes. Lathe bed has flat way the same size as the attachment. The attachment has a telescoping rod used as the...