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    Dynasty 280 and stick welding

    OK I mostly just do tig on aluminum In recent history But need to weld some 3/4 A36 steel so thinking stick at least for the root pass So I only have 2 welders they are Dynasty 280 and a Lincoln 255 mig, haven’t used the mig in ages How well dose the Dynasty do in stick mode? Any problems...
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    Omni turn gt72 parts machine cheap

    Ok I have a complete Omniturn GT72 that needs to go It needs a new spindle and quite a bit of elbow grease To put it in working order. Good candidate for a recondition by Omniturn. Thinking around $1500 and you take care of loading it I don’t have a forklift In about a month I will scrap it...
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    Browning sa-22 barrel thread and profile

    Any one have the dimension for a Belgian browning sa-22 barrel Or even better a spare barrel floating around. It appears they aren’t currently available. I got a compleat back half of the rifle really cheap And the only 2 parts I haven’t been able to find are the barrel and the nut. The other...
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    Easiest way to convert r LA rem 700 mag to SA

    Ok I have a 700 LA was 3006 barrel was trashed Whole rifle was less than buying a bare receiver. Obviously the stock will still have to be a LA. So anyway want to go with 308 or 243 win. That’s going to need a shorter magazine. I was thinking of using something like the Magpul or PTG...
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    relining larger than 22 barrels

    any one here actually done a larger caliber relining job not sent it out but done it Redmans makes them in 38 55 the cal. I want to do but was wondering if you could glue them in or if you need to it with solder? old gun will be black powder only for me, and not worried about the next guy who...
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    QT10 turret end cap removal

    Simple question are there any surprises to removing the end cover on a QT10 turret I'm replacing the way cover wipers and such problem is the PO ran a bunch of stainless with the chips caught between the wiper and actually wore a large dip in the surface. bad enough that it probably wont...
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    any one sleeved a shotgun using the teague method?

    I have a Remington 1889 double barrel in 10 ga. that has very iffy barrels. and well chances of finding a usable used set is slim and none. so the options are make a new set, do the traditional sleeve job where you chop the barrels off about 4 inch ahead of the breach, bore it out and turn new...
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    what threads used on enfield no4 mk1 screws?

    I need to make a screw fit on my enfield number 4 rifle 1944 production Maltby factory. the front sight protector screw to be exact, the one I bought is the trigger guard screw not the advertised proper screw sight guard screw. could be made to work just need to make the threads longer. figured...
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    bending 6061 T4 ?

    OK you guys that do this all the time can an 8' sheet of 6061T4 be bent 60 degrees with out cracking this would be either .090 or .125 thick I'm in the design and material selection stage? what about if I have it intermittently cut leaving a series of small tabs on the bend line the just...
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    Miller syncrowave 250 power source question

    Miller Syncrowave 250 will all of them run on single phase or is there a year when they started being able to work off just about any standard US electric line power both 3 or single phase? found one close to home at a good price, but it's from an industrial setting, so if it needs 3 phase...
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    Id turning tool hold fit

    on a qt 10 how tight should the fit in the slot be is it an easy drop in or is a light almost press fit good? is some play needed to be able to get it aligned properly. I bought some online that are a very tight fit in that you would need to whack them to get them seated. probably between...
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    qt10 t+ missbehaving

    Spindle and x and z axis give 250 spindle start misop and 252 axis move misop when I try to use the spindle jog or start button. axis gives the code when I try to use the buttons to home it. axis will move when using the jog with the dial. and all the screens appear normal on the display. but...
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    qt 10 t+ tooleye position sensors

    How do the tooleye up and down sensors work, or better yet how do you test then out side the machine. when I tried using the tool eye it gave a 256 error position sensor. whole tool eye assembly is out right now, most of the covers are off getting every thing cleaned up. I was expecting a...
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    qt 8 qt 10 turret wiper source?

    did any one actually find a source for the molded wipers for the turret the Z axis wipers are easy that's off the shelf stuff. but some one had to make those molded ones for Mazak
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    QT10 spindel motor cooling fan?

    Should the cooling fan for the spindle motor come on when you power up or does it just come on when needed? I ask because I don't see it running on my new to me qt10. but other then that It's alive and that is a good thing. and what exactly is the difference between a qt10 and a qt8 my...
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    any reason a box turing tool wouldnt work for profiling a barrel

    Is there any good reason to not use a box turning tool when profiling a a barrel between centers? not trying to do a tapper profile just straight or the step type for ars
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    how much space for a chip conveyor on sqt10 m

    How much room is need on the tail stock end for a chip conveyor? how close to the wall can I set the machine and still be able to use the conveyor?
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    mazak QT10 and QT10m parts interchangeablity

    How are the QT10 series lathes for parts interchangeability? are the spindles interchangeable? specifically looking at a SQT10m with mazitrol t plus controler, and a QT10 with the same controler? also how do you tell if it will take regular gcode?
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    4140 prehard and hss cutters ?

    I need to make a holder for a from cutter for my cxa tool post so my question is will the hss dove tail cutter do ok in 4140 prehard around 32rc ? or should I machine it and then heat treat it? and then for the profile cutter A2 or O1? only cutting 6061 with it
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    any one added a rear lug to a standard m14 receiver?

    Any one hear added a rear lug to a standard m14 receive, to make it like the like the ones used on the Springfeild supper match, or the Fulton armory rear lug model? and keep in mind we are machinists so making a part isn't a big deal. What would the pitfalls be in welding it on? is the...