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    looking for K&T rotary head mill

    I was looking for a K&T rotary head mill and figured i would see if any one around here was getting rid of one before i look other places. I would prefer that it has a dro and a power knee on it but beggars don’t get to be choosers. I did see a couple on ebay but i’m guessing that’s it’s just...
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    need large flat spring for old playground toy

    I was wondering if anyone knows where i can have a spring made for an old playground toy that i restored for the kids. There is a place here in town but they have no interest in making me one or a couple of them. i’m guessing the spring is 5” wide, bent in a “U” shape with a couple mounting...
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    making a square hole in round bar?

    I was wondering what is the best way to have a 30mm square hole cut out of a piece of 3" round bar that is 4" long. I was thinking the easiest way is to have someone with a wire edm cut it out. I am making a lower tool holder my Trumpf nibbler that im using for doing some car panel shaping...
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    doall gear box, single vs 2 speed

    does anybody know if the cases are the same on the doall gearboxes? I have a 2 speed one that is cracked and found a single speed one for sale. Can i just swap them out? its a mid 60's doall v16 vertical saw
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    jacobs spindle nose chuck #91-f1 1.5”-8 thread for sale

    i have a jacobs spindle nose chuck that i don’t need since it won’t fit my lathe. it’s model #91-f1 and is a 1 1/2”-8 thread. the handle and the lock both move smothly. I think that’s the same spindle size for the hardinge/south bend and other smaller lathes. I also have 7/8”-1” collet for...
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    various carbide inserts for sale

    I got some inserts with some other tooling i bought from a local guy who was retiring. I have no use for them since i dont have holders for them. feel free to make some offers if you can use them. I just found the lowest price i could on ebay and went a few dollars less. If thats still too...
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    W T B square wheel grinder

    i am looking for a square wheel grinder if anybody has one for sale. I have looked at few new ones but it’s hard to justify that kind of price for something that’s going to sit most of the time. i would like to find one of the wilton 4103 ( i think that’s the right number ) but i’m open to...
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    bridgeport riser block, looking for one

    i am looking for a riser block for a bridgeport. just figured i would check here first and see if any one want to get rid of one before i look elsewhere. send me a PM if you got one laying around. thanks Seth
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    doall v-36 bandsaw

    I just got this machine today, its a doall V-36. It appears to be in good shape other than being left out in the rain for 2 weeks. The guy i got it from said came from a paper mill and was working when he got it. I will prob make sure it runs before i pull it apart to clean it up. Is there...
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    help with miter gear replacement

    I need some help figuring out what to get or where to send a gear to have it measured so i can find a replacement or have it fixed. I have already contacted the manufacturer and they wanted an arm and leg for a gear, over $2000 for both witch seems out of line. The smaller gear is still in...
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    German 3 jaw chuck ID help

    I have a chuck that came with me 16x54 pacmaker lathe that im am trying to id. the only thing that is on the chuck itself is "made in germany" "forged steel" a few marks that im assuming show the way the scroll turns inside and the numbers indicating what jaw goes where. Thanks for any help...
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    Cincinnati Cinel for sale auction 12/19/16

    just saw this school auction (keene state) but it's no where close to me. looks like it's well tooled, dividing head, 54" table. 31032P5U serial number. looks like it could be a good deal for someone Bid-Assets.com
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    looking for #4 morse taper to #4 morse taper

    i'm looking for a #4 morose taper to #4 morse taper. i'm not sure what it would actually be called or if there is really such a tool. i need it for a hub i'm going to mill on a rotary table. both the hub and the table have #4 taper. If i have a mandrel that has #4 tapers on both ends then i...
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    bridgeport clone yf-tm-2 info needed

    I just bought this mill, i broke about every rule to buying machinery there was. I didnt go look at it or check it out, i had some pictures though. Had some one else go pick it up and they had no clue about what it was. The seller had no idea what it was except that it looked like a...
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    110/220 wiring help on old motor

    I got an old crescent bandsaw the other day and in order to move it the guy removed the motor and didn't mark how the wiring was hooked up. it was setup for 110 before and I want to put it back that way. I don't really know which wires to hook up but they are all labled so if I can get some...
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    L1 chuck for Jacobs collars help IDing

    I picked this up the other day but it dosnt look like any of the other Jacobs collet closers I have seen. the only markings on it is a stamped number on the back "1018H". It seams to work just fine with the Jacobs collars and it came with 3 of them. any help figuring out who made it will be...
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    oliver 510

    I just picked up this Oliver 510 for a guy this week, It all looks like it is in good condition. I have the 3 sets of jaws with it as will as the operating manual and the service manual for it. I wasnt really looking for a drill bit sharpener but i figure it would come in handy. I...
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    cleereman drill press - looking for info

    I found and bought one of these cleereman drill presses and just wondering if any body has used them or had any experiences with them. as far as I can tell there a heavy duty, USA made drill. I was tired of using the cheep drill presses that tend to be in all the shops I work in so for my...
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    info on a k&t 5hm vertical mill

    I'm looking for some info on a k&t Milwaukee 5hm. I found one for sale that looks to be in decent shape. I'm wonder about the weight of the mill. I know the 5h is the size but can't find anything about what the "m" is. also what hp and rpm that size would have. I think it has the...
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    short 3.5 min video on making watches

    here is a little short video on making some watches that was interesting, shows some of the machining on the small parts Look over the watchmakers' shoulders - YouTube