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    Own products

    I was about to say the same thing. Buy you some UPC codes and make a listing in 20 minutes.
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    Squaring up trailers.

    If it's a small amount, you leave it be. 1" out isn't worth the labor of cutting a tongue off as long as the frame will stay visually in line with the lane. 3" out is worth cutting off and fixing. If you're building from scratch, it doesn't cost anymore to make it right. If you're fixing...
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    Squaring up trailers.

    The reason the OP is so concerned about coupler location, is he's determining axle alignment off the coupler, not off the frame. A basic triangle measurement from coupler down to the spring hanger on each side. Which, if the coupler is out of center, using that triangle measurement to square...
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    Tube bending Troubles

    Check with these guys in Temple Ga. I've never used them personally, but one of my old customers from when my shop was in your area used to (and may still for all I know) use then for all his CNC tube bending. UTV Suspension and Accessories| L & W Fab - Heavy Duty UTV Parts
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    500VA buck boost transformers

    $19.28 to ship the pair via UPS
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    Welding and fixture tables.... was getting ready to order this one but

    I've got two of these (same System 16 that you're looking at) but the block table format, rather than the mobile workstation. US168125.X7 System 16 3'x4' Imperial (Inch) Welding Table Bundle 2022 – Siegmund Welding Tables USA (An Official Division of Quantum Machinery) Can't say enough good...
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    500VA buck boost transformers

    Pair of Acme electric model T181058. Purchased from McMaster last summer, installed and energized for about 10 minutes before realizing I had an internal machine issue, not a voltage issue. Removed and have been sitting in their boxes since then. Here's specs from McMaster. link Cheapest I...
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    Chlorinated vs Non-Chlorinated Soluble Cutting Oils - What's the Difference?

    Don't use chlorinated in anything you'll be welding. Assuming the chlorination ingredients are the same as brake clean, when heated it can produce phosgene gas, which is lethal in very small percentages.
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    Independent guy just gave me a rough estimate of $6k. I'll have to provide the drawings from the bldg manufacturer for foundation design, but that the quote provides basically everything to get a permit. Sounds a lot better to me than $25k.
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    How do you get 12' bars out of a box trailer?

    I always use one pallet, stood up on end. A bit sketchy, yes, but I haven't dropped a bundle yet. My bundles are typically 12-1500 lb bundles of thin extrusion, and I pay the extra to have the bundle strapped to a 13' 6" pallet, so maybe a little less suitable for a 4000 lb bundle of something...
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    New Fab Shop: First Ironworkwer

    Actually, that's only true on the little Gekas (Minicrop, Microcrop and I think just the smallest Bendicrop) - once you get into the Hydracrop series, the punch has it's own vertical cylinder that runs independent of the pivot function on the rest of the machine. Additionally, this makes the...
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    Oh, I can do that, no problem from the county, even being commercial. But no bank I've talked to yet has even the slightest bit of interest in financing that. Still need engineering to submit to the county, though I'm not sure exactly to what extent, so if engineering is my biggest holdup...
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    It's red iron. What part of the price seems low - I think the only price I posted was a rough total price of $250k. The most recent quote I got has the building package at $81k (no roll up doors, no insulation), erection at $18k, slab at $25k.
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    I got a recommendation of an engineering firm from another general contractor this morning, and have just sent him the relevant information a few moments ago. I'm supposed to receive a quote back from him in about a week. Supposedly, he's a one man band, and he stays busy, but the second best...
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    County is fine with it. Bank forbids it.
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    Hookups costs aren't all that bad (cost and availability was checked before buying the lot). That said, all of the quotes I've gotten so have specifically excluded those costs, so their cost is irrelevant for the sake of this discussion. I can get the building itself, erection and concrete...
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    I guess I should back up and provide more info. I bought the land a little over a year ago, and the original plan was to do just as you said, hire all the trades myself. I got quotes from multiple local building manufacturers - some offer building manufacturing and in house erection, two...
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    Cost for new construction engineering/site plans for metal building

    I'm starting back down the road of getting a new building constructed on a piece of commercial land I've got. I got a proposal back from a contractor that seems reasonable (at least for the times we're in), so to move forward, he requested I get a topo survey done (which I've ordered), and...
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    OT - Machine sale resulting in Major Paypal problem today

    Unless I missed it, I don't think I see anything mentioning the staggered payments exceeding 21 days. I'm pretty sure the staggered payments is in reference to multiple transactions - what you sell today is paid 21 days from today, what you sell tomorrow is paid 21 days from tomorrow, etc. I...
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    OT- Will UPS accept a crate like this as is ? (pic)

    Oh, and stretch wrap/house wrap won't help - UPS specifically lists packages wrapped in stretch wrap as being subject to the additional handling surcharge.