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    What material for shafts?

    Hi, So I am rebuilding woodworking machines. I often have old Maka mortisers to rebuild. The mortising head unit is held in a cast iron unit with two 30mm bores, the unit slides on 30mm round bar. The cast iron bore and the round bar are often galled up, sometimes quite badly. I would like to...
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    Looking for advice on making machine shafts.

    I am new to metalwork, so I will ask for your indulgence. I rebuild old woodworking machinery, make a few parts etc. I have a DSG lathe and a surface grinder I need to make half a dozen small machine shafts for some old machines that I am rebuilding. The shafts are usually pretty beat up when I...
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    Strange air cylinder fittings

    BSPP fitting in BSPT hole Hi, So i am rebuilding an old woodworking Machine. 1980 vintage made in Germany. It has a feed cylinder on it. an air over oil system . Air is the power , oil is the controlled feed. Thing is the end caps of the cylinder have BSPT taper/ conical bore R3/8" , but...