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    Heavy 10 crossfeed screw upgrade to 1/2-10 TPI ACME

    Because of the lack of availability of 7/16-10 screw stock I thought it an easy upgrade to the readily available 1/2-10 TPI. I've been trying to find info from others on the pitfalls of this seemingly simple job without any success so I'm open to suggestions. I already have the 1/2-10 ACME tap...
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    SB 15" Model 14G

    Our community college machine tool program received a donation of a late 30's South Bend 15", 10' long, lathe Model 14G, N series. Countershaft flat belt fed and mounted on a cabinet that looks original but I can't find a pic of this cabinet being sold by SB. I am very familiar with SB's having...
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    FS LeBlond Regal 10" Follower Rest

    I have what I believe is a follower rest for a small, probably 10" Regal lathe as pictured in the LeBlond publication titled "Running The Regal Geared Head Engine Lathe" on page 47. $100 including shipping OBO Local pickup in Chicago area OK [email protected]
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    SB 9 Steady Rest and 2 1/4-8 thread protector & Brass Pin Wrench FS

    I posted this in the "For Sale" section yesterday but it disappeared so I'll try here. I have an extra steady rest for my SB9 and am tired of moving it around. It's the regular style. The bed clamp is shop made. I'd like to get 120 including shipping (tracking & insurance). Also I have, for...
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    Monarch steady rest

    I'd like to see someone who needs and could use it rather than a reseller who will triple the price and sit on it looking for someone who is desperately needs one. The measurement from the flat to the hinged split is about 6 3/4". I'm asking for $150 + flat rate PO shipping. I found this same...
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    Amplex Diamond Compound

    While cleaning out a neighbors machine shop I came across a couple of syringes of Amplex Diamond Compound, Grade 1/4, Type WS. What is it used for and is it worth keeping or should I just toss it out or is it worth selling?
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    SB 14 1/2" Steady Rest

    Does anyone have a steady rest for a 1955 or newer 14 1/2" SB lathe that could let me know if casting numbers and or catalog number are cast into the parts and what they are? Thank you, Bob
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    Ellis 9" Rotary Table Info

    I guess this thread got lost in the update so I'll try again. I recently aquired an Ellis 9-RT, H/V 9" rotary table and matching tailstock, and need any info that might be available. It came with a setup for indexing plates but no graduated dial or handle. Also I was wondering about the large...
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    Unread posts button

    What happened to the "Unread Posts" button?
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    Ellis 9" Rotary Table Info

    I picked up an Ellis 9" rotary table with dividing plates and tailstock today but have no info on it's lubrication requirements and if it should have a graduated dial and handle to replace the dividing plate setup. Also, there is a screw cap on the worm gear shaft behind the dividing plate that...
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    What machines do these collets fit?

    There was a set of nine Hardinge 3S collets in a cabinet I picked up today full (130+) of collets. Most were 5C which I needed for my Sheldon lathe and Hardinge horizontal mill. I want to dump them on ebay to recoup some of my investment and it would help if I knew what they fit. Also, was a...
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    Hardinge TM mill funny story

    I used my mill the other day, for the first, time to cut keyway slots in the 5C end of the 7/8" and 1 1/4" arbors I'm machining for the mill. I raised the knee till the cutter touched the piece, zeroed the dial, then raised the knee .050, took the first cut, then another .050 and a last .025 for...
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    Bridgeport horizontal milling attachment setup instructions

    I just aquired a right angle horizontal milling attachment for my Series 1 Bridgeport mill. Are there published setup & operating instructions on line somewhere? I received two 1" arbors, one 1 1/4" arbor, and the dovetailed rear arm but no drawbar. I would also appreciate a photo with...
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    Grizzly 6" DRO Installation on BP Spindle

    My BP Series 1 Mill had only an X & Y DRO and I needed an inexpensive Z axis readout. This is my $25 answer to that problem. The two hour installation with some scrap alum is shown in the below album. If there is any interest, I can post here or send anybody more detailed info & bracket...
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    Removed my 6F auto feed

    My Series 1 came with a 6F auto feed but was missing the motor which I was unable replace "for less than an arm and leg" so I decided to eliminate the unit all together. I pulled the center shaft and lead screw coupler from the gear box, made a new, shorter shaft, using the dimensions from the...
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    Tricks For Vari Speed Teardown

    WHAT TRICKS DO PEOPLE USE TO MAKE THIS JOB EASIER????????? I read, here, the other day that a teardown and reassembly takes about four hours. I did this job yesterday for the first time and it actually takes six hours. Someone needs to write a book on what the book doesn't say and include all...
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    Variable speed pulleys bound up

    In an attempt to see if the spindle break was binding and wouldn't release, I took the speed dial casting bolts off (I thought I could see the spindle brake shaft) and the attached chain apparently allowed the front pulley to bind up the belt. I opened the lower motor cover and can see that the...
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    Is a 14 1/2" SB worth $500

    I don't want to get stuck with a white elephant! I'm going to look at one this morning. According to the owners son, his dad passed away, it has a set of collets, flame hardened bed, a 3 jaw chuck, two lever QCGB and a VFD. He doesn't know what else is there. He also said the bed length is 48"...
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    224 Threads per inch

    Has anyone ever seen an application or used this thread pitch? I know that South Bend, Sheldon and most of the other lathe manufacturers made provisions for threading in the upper one hundreds and up to 224 TPI but I can't imagine why. I threaded a 3/4" piece of stock and a nut just to see what...
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    South Bend Logo

    I found a never used tailstock bull nose recently and noticed an SB logo stamped into it. A closer look at it showed an underdrive cast iron base lathe. The logo at the top of this page shows a table model. Looking at some old literature I found that the old logo was still being used in 1960. I...