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  1. Texasbowhunter

    DIY CNC Router

    I noticed we have a forum for CNC Machining related stuff I'm going to build a 4' x 3' or even a 4' x 4' CNC router with the primary function of wood but would like to build it strong enough so I can CNC aluminum plate...Something that won't break the bank with everything...$3K-$3500 I'm going...
  2. Texasbowhunter

    MT5 and MT4 Drills

    I have some drills I cant use since mt tail stock is MT3 I figure the MT5 drills would be worth $25 plus shipping The MT4 drills $20 plus shipping Would consider better price for somebody if they want all I have shipped several drills across country and got 4 or 5 in a flat rate box for $20...
  3. Texasbowhunter

    MT4 and MT5 Drills 4 Sale

    Have acquired several MT4 and MT5 HSS Drills 1-3/16" - 2-1/8" Plz note that all the drills will cut but to what extent varies on the ware of the drills…All the drills should be sharpened either by an experienced individual or professional…I have done my best to express the state of the drills...
  4. Texasbowhunter

    What Boring Bar Diameter

    Plz forgive me with the stupid questions I'm asking while I'm learning some of the fundamentals for the craft... So I was curious the other day and got to thinking about boring bars and the diameter of the bars as to what be better suited for general all around needs, and to what diameter...
  5. Texasbowhunter

    Carriage Lock Needed in DFW Texas Area

    I have a older 5900 Clausing Lathe and had discovered that the Carriage lock is missing which I figure is the biggest factor to me not getting quality parting/facing cuts...I have contacted Clausing and they do have them at a cost with shipping to Texas will cost me in the neighborhood of a...
  6. Texasbowhunter

    What the BEST Choice of Tool for this Job?

    So I'm always looking for a bargain on various materials to fabricate something for around the shop/house...If I don't need it to be of a particular material I'll just go to the bargain rack and get something that is desirable or go to the salvage yard and get something there...These prices are...
  7. Texasbowhunter

    Can a 1/2 pitch in 1" Thread be Cut?

    I'm curious whether or not a 1 pitch thread in 2" can be cut where the lowest pitch thread on my lathe is 4 pitch The thought here is can it be faked out to believing its cutting a 1/2" pitch somehow? So I'm looking to apply a 1 full thread over 2 full inches of 2.5" dia. round pipe... I'm sure...
  8. Texasbowhunter

    Cutting 3.25" Hole in Aluminum

    I'm in need of some guidance without breaking the bank...I'm trying to decide on how the most accurate way for me to cut a 3.25 dia. hole in apiece of 1/2" thick aluminum would be with a floor mounted drill press which has a MT2 spindle...The hole I'm shooting for needs to be clean without any...
  9. Texasbowhunter

    Selecting Quality Insert

    Since I am no means a skilled machinist but am in the process for trying to get acquainted with the lathe I picked up, there has been a occasion or two where I had made a purchase and it was junk...CHINA made quality is sub standard... I know you get what you paid for...just noticed that there...
  10. Texasbowhunter

    Parting Tool

    I'm in need of some guideness I have purchased a nice used lathe 2 years ago or so and have been learning to use it from time to time... Well The portion of the operation I'm failing at is the parting portion of the operation... I presently have a HSS parting tool...Its not the "T" type which...
  11. Texasbowhunter

    Belts for Clausing 5930 Series

    Good afternoon guys...I'm in need of a bit of guideness here on the topic of belts...I picked a clean Clausing 12 x 36 Clausing 5930 series lathe and have cleaned it up and been using it to get acquainted with the magic it has... I have determined that I Should replace the belts for the...
  12. Texasbowhunter

    A Big Thank You To RexTX

    It all started here on this S/B forum... I posted a few topics indicating I am green when it comes to operating a lathe...I have been around them on and off all my life and have always taken the desire to operate one but never really got the full opportunity to get fully acquainted with there...
  13. Texasbowhunter

    Ebay Seller Jerbou-89

    There's a Jerbou-89 that sells on eBay With eBay's policy they frown upon allowing actual conversation to take place... He's from Bristol Connecticut according to his info posted on equipment he's selling... Anybody know him or dealt with him and have any contact information where a guy can talk...
  14. Texasbowhunter

    Whats the 8 Signify?

    I looked at another 10L today with another serial number... 1210RKL8 It appears its a 1948 R= Heavy 10 inch (10R or 10L) K= Quick Change Gear (QCG), Friction Feed Apron, Underneath Motor Drive (UMD) L= Large Spindle Hole, Standard Swing However I cant find anything of the 8 Thanks Paul
  15. Texasbowhunter

    Identifying 10

    I may have found a heavy 10 and with you guys help the seller has found the serial number... A link was added to my other post on serialzation and I looked it up and if I read it right it was made in 1945 I would like to make sure I had read it correctly and have a few questions along the way...
  16. Texasbowhunter

    DFW Texas Area Needs some Help

    Morning Guys I'm in need of a bit of help here...I have been looking for a heavy 10 or 13 and may have found one of each...The problem is I have never seriously operated a lathe...I have dabbled with one but have no idea on what to look for as far as being worn out and problematic... So I'm...