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    T303 BSQ Round Bar Suppliers

    Looking for recommendations on suppliers for T303 BSQ Round Bar. I have two suppliers I use now but have been getting more orders using BSQ and would like to find more suppliers to get quotes from. I'm located near Ft. Wayne IN but am not opposed to suppliers further away. Thanks Sent from my...
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    Sharp SV 2412 Overtravel alarms all axis

    So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have a 2006 Sharp SV-2412 with a Fanuc Oi- MB controller. I blew an air line going to the spindle for the drawbar so I stopped the machine and proceeded to work on it. In the midst of fixing the air line I got an "971 NMI OCCURRED IN SLC" alarm. Thought this was...
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    Yasnac LX3 - Z Axis Alarms

    Kia KT-15 Lathe - Yasnac LX3 control I'm posting this here as there isn't a machine specific forum for my lathe or its control. Went out and fired the machine this morning and immediately had 3 alarms all Z Axis Servo Amp related. 392 - SERVO PACK ALARM (Z) 332 - FUSE (Z) 280 - MACHINE...
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    LeBlond Makino RMC 55 for Sale

    I'm in the process of purchasing a newer piece of equipment so I am putting my LeBlond Makino RMC 55 up for sale. Specific specs can be found on Google obviously but this is the basics. 21" X travel 12" Y travel 17" Z travel Fanuc OM-b control CAT 40 Spindle Taper 4500 Max RPM Homemade mist...
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    Kia KT-15 CNC Lathe Yasnac LX3

    Was wondering if anyone on here has a Kia KT-15 Lathe with a Yasnac LX3 control. I recently purchased one for my shop and I think someone before me has fiddled with the parameters. Was hoping to find someone with the same machine that runs it regularly who would be willing to download thier...
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    LeBlond Makino RMC55 tool change HELP!!!

    Afternoon All, I recently bought a Leblond Makino RMC55 and Im having problems with the tooI change. Thus machine doesn't have an ATC so you change tools manually with a T# and an M00 from what I've read. The problem is when the machine gets to this line of code it won't let me remove the tool...