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    Sourcing 30k shcs and fasteners. Distributor suggestions?

    Speccing a system and need to source roughly 30,000 fasteners. Mostly shcs, some button, some flat. Sizes from 4-40 to 1.0-8. About 1/3 each black oxide, 18-8 and zinc plated. Sent out a couple rfqs to the big boys already, and surprisingly just building a cart in McMaster w/ standard qty’s...
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    PSA: Famot Tum-35 lathe in GA, $1k

    Not mine, No affiliation. Looks to have a manual on the tray and quite possibly a big old phase converter behind it. engine lathe - tools - by owner - sale
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    Fs: Okuma Howa Millac 40v 30x16 VMC, running well with tooling in Atlanta GA

    Okuma Howa Millac 40v vertical machining center. Original owner was an aerospace 2nd tier shop, I bought it running parts off their floor. 1997 30x16 table. 22.8 X 15.74 Y 17.71 Z travels. Sidemount 20 tool changer 787 ipm rapids x and y, 630 ipm z Feed rate .039 - 196.8 ipm Spindle 50 -...
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    4” 45* face mill in a cat 40 machine

    My go to is a 2” 45 face mill. I need to surface some 3.5” 6061 plates (1” nominal thickness). 15 hp Japanese cat 40 box way machine, mid 90s. Good shape. What say you guys? Think I’ll have any trouble pushing a 4” 45* lead 5 insert face mill? Not really concerned here with MRR, but just...
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    15 hp vmc on 10 hp converter? Temporary test

    Taking delivery of a new-to-me vmc soon, and the deal got done quick. 3 axis Fanuc OM Japanese machine, spindle rated 15hp. I currently run a 10hp balanced phase craft panel from our member jim here with a toshiba 10hp converter duty motor. I don’t think I’ll have time enough before the...
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    Fanuc Drill Mate vs Robodrill (90s era)

    I understand from prior posts here that the Drill Mate basically transitioned to the robodrill in the early 1990s. The spacing got wider on the ways, spindle design changed, etc. Does anybody have any specific info? I have moderate interest in a 91 drill Model C with OM control. I am...
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    Big lathe in SC - cheap (no affiliation)

    Posted for anyone looking Lathe - tools - by owner - sale
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    Bridgeport lead screw and nuts - class 2G or 2C?

    Hi all - does anyone know the thread class of fit for BP leadscrews? I searched a bit and have found dimensions of 1 1/4 x 5 acme, but no reference to thread class 2C, 2G or other. I’m doing another project altogether which will require some 2C centralizing acme nuts, and the bridgeport nuts...
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    Drill Heads, somewhere in between Sugino and ebay/china special?

    Any middle of the road drill head manufacturers? Sugino and Hypneumat are very good, but of course the price matches. The chinese ebay specials are just junk. Looking to see what else is out there. New, not used, for this application, and looking for a bare bones stand alone drill head (no...
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    Pedrazzoli Brown 250 cold saw - oil type for head?

    Anybody have a manual, or happen to know what type/grade of oil to use for the head? I am guessing some kind of synthetic gear oil, 220 or 320 maybe? Has to be safe for bronze, I believe. Searched on here and also on google, but could not find any info. Thanks.
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    Chip and coolant control on a ke-55 (or rmc-55)

    These seem like very capable machines from all I’ve read on here. A big question for me is, for those who actually run them, what do you do about coolant and chip control? For chips, I know there is a plexi front shield on the ke-55 which should help some in terms of keeping them relatively...
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    FS: Victor (USA made) torch set-up, tips, cutting attach, regulators, etc

    Hi all - Complete Victor 100 series torch set up. I picked this up a few years back, but I really don’t need 3 torch set-ups! Handle, cutting attachment, brazing / welding tips, rosebud, cutting tips, regulators. All are genuine USA made Victor. Regs checked by toledo torch when I sent them...
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    FS: Fabreeka Fabcel lev-l Machinery Leveling feet 2000 lb capacity each

    Fabreeka Lev-L Mounts Type 20. 2000 lb capacity each, all are in great shape and ready to use. Made in Boston USA. No separation, scuffing or peeling on iso pads. I have 10 feet, but only 8 bolts. Bolts are 3/4-16 thread, they are not specials and on my own equipment have used some different...
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    Hitachi WJ200 3 position maintained switch logic wiring?

    Hi all - set up my first VFD (hitachi wj200) and it works well so far during testing. I have an older 30mm furnas (now eaton) 3 way rotary selector i’d like to use to control fwd / off / reverse for the spindle. The rotary selector has 1 52baj contact block and 1 52bak contact block mated to a...
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    Wiring welder to Panel (Tigwave 250)? Neutral or ground?

    Recently got a great deal on a Hobart Tigwave 250 and Bernard Chiller set-up. I’m moving some stuff around and it is time to wire up a dedicated circuit for this. 200 amp single phase service at my main panel. Going to swap the 50 amp breaker (two red 6 awg wires in lower left) to 100 amp and...
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    Adding casters to lathe for moving/transit?

    12x40 geared head lathe, right around 2100 lbs all castings no sheet metal. No towmotor Planning on moving in a box truck with a 3k lift gate. Anybody see an issue with making an I shaped frame out of 4x4 or 6x6 cribbing and attaching 4 HD locking casters to the outboard ends to roll it around...
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    Complete Air/Hyd feed set-up and vise. Festo, Honeywell, Parker, etc FS

    Hi all - removed this set-up from a working machine. System was tested when intact and seemed to work well. I need the machine as a manual, so this is all surplus to me. I have not cleaned any of this up of course but it is all in good shape. Festo yzl-250 hydraulic cushion cylinder Festo dnc...
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    Graziano Sag 12 Joystick wiring and internals question and info request

    In my ongoing efforts to get this lathe running again, I pulled the transmission and motor assembly out. I tested the motor and it spins nice and quiet. Turning over the transmission by means of the outboard pulley, all gears mesh and rotate smoothly. When the motor is coupled to the trans...
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    Graziano sag 12 oil switch wiring?

    Trying to get an old sag 12 running. Electrician came in and I know one of the contactors is shot. He jumped it and manually pushing it in the motor whizzed to life. However, after some fooling around we could never get the transmission to engage by means of the joystick. I have the feeling it...
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    FS: Mitee-Bite Pitbull fixture clamps, qty 40

    Hi all. For Sale - Used Mitee-Bite Pitbull clamps, 40. A few are tarnished, and 3 don't have "perfect" clamp edges, but these all still have a lot of life left in them. You can check the catalog for all the data. There are a 10 O-rings short, but they are $4.00 for a pack of 20 direct...