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    looking for a onestep drilling option on a lathe

    hello all, i have a need to drill a 1/4" hole in several hundred 3/4" ball bearings, im presently using a spotting drill then switching to a twist drill, id like to not have to switch out anything and just drill em through, anyone have any recommendations on what would be rigid enough to not...
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    does such a thing as brazing powder exist?

    im thinking about brazing to parts together, one piece would be 20 gauge, the other 1/4" and it would be about 19" long. i was wondering if there is powder that's a flux/braze alloy available that i could just brush along the joint. or even just a brazing powder and i could mix the flux myself...
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    problems with miller passport plus

    i have a miller passport plus that is on the fritz. i took it to the lws, tech looked at it, said thermistor went bad and it would need a new board. new board is 1k. he said that it was possible to remove and replace just the thermistor, but they were not allowed to do that anymore. does...
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    problem with onlinemetals.com

    anyone else having a problem with onlinemetals.com? it keeps telling me its a reported attack site, anyone know if they've been hacked?
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    did this forum get renamed?

    or am i losing my mind?
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    plastic thing makita tools

    does anybody know what the plastic thing attached to the cord of makita tools is for? its a black plastic thingamajig that looks like it clips around the cord, i have no idea whats for.
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    hossfeld edgbending dies, can the spacers be shopmade?

    i'm looking at buying the edgbending dies for a hossfeld #2, money is kinda tight so im wondering if the spacer set can be shop made. the spacers dont appear to be anything more than shims. does anybody know if there is any reason i cant make these? i only plan on bending 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and...
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    diff between diversion and econotig?

    is there a difference between the miller econotig and the diversion 165? it seems as if the diversion has replaced the econotig, did miller simply rebrand their barrel bottom tig machine?
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    OT. removing one way screws

    i'm trying to remove some burglar bars but i cant figure out to remove the one way screws. anyone know the easiest way to do this before i start grinding them off?
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    anybody know what a car reamer is used for?

    i saw these for sale recently and bought one. i was trying to enlarge a hole in a washer with a hand held drill when the thing shattered. then i got to thinking, i have no idea what this thing was for. anybody know what a car reamer is used for when used properly?
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    metal cutting circular saws

    i am currently lookig to buy either a 9 inch evolution, or an 8 inch milwaukee, does anyone have any experience with either of these, or know af anytig thats better? i'll be using it to cut mostly plate between 1/8" and 3/8", or thicker if that's possible.
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    trailblazer generator problems

    so last week after hurricane gustav left us powerless i was using my trailblazer 302 as a generator,and i noticed that it didn't seem to be kick out much power, sure enough, even on high idle, it was only producing 105 volts. anybody know why this was happening?
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    OT siphoning gas

    so i'm down in new orleans running off a generator, gasoline is in short supply and i have a 94 cadillac with gas that if i can get it, i can put in my generator. but i'm having trouble with it, does anybody know if this car is equipped with something to prevent people from siphoning?
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    semi OT builders level vs transit level

    anybody know the difference, between a builders level and a transit?
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    Carolina 50 ton press

    i recently bought a 50 ton carolina press model #cpb 1200, and the cylinder leaks like a sieve, it doesn't help that i put brake fluid in it either dot 3, seemed like a good idea at the time, anyway i'm assuming the seals need to be replaced, does anybody know anything about this press, the...
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    does anybody know, can a needle gun be used to peen a part? i was reading another thread about cast iron and it got me thinkin.
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    stick electrode conundrum

    anyone know why the flux on a stick electrode won't conduct electricity when the flux extends past the tip, but will when you touch it with a mildly sweaty glove?
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    spool gun question

    okay, so i have a 115v lincoln wire feed unit that recently sh$% the bed on me(yeah, i know home depot apcray, but that little thing is handy), it blew a breaker, then the trigger stopped working for reasons i'm unclear about, i'm hoping that the problem will magically sort itself out, but in...
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    blades for a lil jet bandsaw

    i had ordered some blades for my litle 4x6 jet bandsaw, 64-1/2"x1/2", and they sent 64-1/2"x3/4", does anybody know if i can get away with shoehorning these on? is there any possible advantage to having a wider blade? i called the company and they're sending out the correct ones, but i was...
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    threads on a weldcraft tig torch?

    does anybody know what the threads are (as in what size tap i would need) in a weldcraft wp17 torch body. i keep having problems with these stripping the threads on my gas lens.