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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    video on testing bearings clearance and making shims.
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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    > Just my general guidelines, rules of thumb from someone with experience is always valuable! > type of lube, spindle oil, of course :)
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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    Thanks again - I won't get to this for a while now (traveling) but when I do, I intend to make new shims to permit locking down of the cap screws that clamp the bearings. My understanding that this clearance is critical - to permit an oil film but no rattle/slop. That is a tiny clearance - is...
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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    Hi thanks for quick response. >I'm assuming you removed and installed the bearing expanders correct, and adjusted there without mashing the bearing, which can happen. I'm *assuming* that's there case too. They were cleaned and went back in as the came out. How can they mash the bearing? I...
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    1959 10K spindle bearing adjustment/shims

    I tore down and reassembled my headstock. removed, cleaned and replaced shims - two in the front, 3 in the back including a very thin one (3 thou? - I didn't measure it). When I screwed the cap screws back down hand tight, spindle locked. So io can't put 20lbs on it. . Clearance with shims is...
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    Shaving cream for cutting and threading lube

    I've wondered about this - what makes good cutting/tapping fluid for each different metal? Is it just a matter of lube, and cooling, or does the fluid do something else? Tap-magic say it leaves a clean finish. People tap cast-iron dry, right? I recall someone saying kerosine for...alu?
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    calling late 50s/early 60s 10K owners - compound andd crossslide issues

    Thanks. I tried that. Also visegrips. That's why I bought the strap wrench - good idea but the one I got had two big rivets on the strap, which prevented it form closing down to a small enough radius. Maybe I'll try a smaller version...
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    calling late 50s/early 60s 10K owners - compound andd crossslide issues

    Thanks Jim - that's quite a process! But makes good sense. I don't have a collet that big , but several relevant chucks - will make softjaws -is soft alu as good as copper? . Sadly I've already repainted - out of interest, how much heat will cause the casting to expand sufficiently - ie do I...
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    motor wires unidentifiable

    Iron Junkie Thankyou, that is a really helpful discussion of the mysteries of AC motors - thanks for going to the trouble. A
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    Motor wiring

    what model and year is your lathe? Is it a fwd/reverse drum type switch?
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    calling late 50s/early 60s 10K owners - compound andd crossslide issues

    I've been stripping down and refurbishing the 10K I bought last year - as time permits. I am fairly confident its a 1959 (rear motor, cast iron legs). I've rewired the motor and switch, rebuild reversing gears, gearbox, apron, tailstock, crossslide and compound, using the ILION book (headstock...
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    Suggestions for New Co-Moderator to South Bend Lathes

    congratulations on your new position! My suggestion is - there's so much knowledge and expertise in some of these threads, its a treasure. But its not always easy to finds what you're looking for. I wish there was an easier way to search - and finds relevant threads, some sort of keyword or...
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    10k Horizontal motor mount?

    Marty, that 1/2" plate and angle bracket looks exactly like mine! Same cast legs too - see pic in previous post. Maybe it was a semi-standard hack at the time - what year is your lathe? My 10K is 1959. I'm out of town at present but can look at mine for you when I'm back. Mine has all the...
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    10K compound dissasembly

    Having solved my locking shoe problem (see previous thread) following the ILION book (bible), it says to remove the bushing using a pin spanner in the hole. This is the bushing that the graduated collar runs against. But mine (1959) has no hole. Is mine somehow not standard or are some like...
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    New to me South Bend Lathe

    Scrupulously cleaning every shaft and gear and replacing felts is fundamental - you've got to take it all apart. I'd say you'd be wasting your time and doing damage if you don't. And you'll learn about your machine - there won't be any mysteries. Make sure you lube only with spindle oil, don't...
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    funky 10K horizontal motor mount

    Hi Everyone, I posted this in an older thread on the same subject a few days ago and got not response so I'm reposting here - with edits - in case I buried it - apologies for cross-posting. I bought a 1959 10K a year ago from an estate sale. I was rebuilding it, but life go in the way fairly...
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    Leather belt cement

    thanka, yes, that is my sense from looking at reports. Definitely worth trying. Sustained pressure is -in my experience - crucial. I know about hammering but in this case I'll clamp with two bit of 2x1 and 3 beefy g-clamps.
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    Leather belt cement

    Thankyou for your detailed reply. I'm going to persist with my (old) leather belt for now, and maybe skiff a new piece of leather. I've never used hot hide glue. Interesting that you're so skeptical of contact cements in general. I'll admit I've been unimpressed with hardware store standard...
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    Leather belt cement

    That is an excellent and simple tip, thankyou.