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  1. Conrad Hoffman

    Trying to find out if there is a guide to shop layout.

    The above is pretty much what I was going to suggest. I do it in CAD, using several layers. I draw a fat person (me) with some extra girth, and drag them around to be sure everything is far enough apart. Check you machine manuals for recommended clearance for maintenance! It really sucks if you...
  2. Conrad Hoffman

    Tapping 6-40 to 5/16" blind in 304, looking for wisdom.

    There will be people here that say they put some Moly-Dee on a form tap and tapped a piece of glass, but I'd at least do some experiments on a small piece of stock and see what happens. The tap drill has to be perfect because if the hole is even slightly too small I think you'll snap the tap...
  3. Conrad Hoffman

    Surface inspection plate cleaner

    A lot of people like waterless hand cleaner- the smooth jiggly stuff, no pumice!
  4. Conrad Hoffman

    Help! Trying to work out who made this Lathe

    Not sure if SB ever made box ways and that belt hole looks like it might have been added later. Old Craftsman/Atlas perhaps?
  5. Conrad Hoffman

    Roller bearings in caustic spray cabinet - good machine design?

    I think the right grade of IGUS, even 3D printed with IGUS filament, would be way better.
  6. Conrad Hoffman

    Half nuts and when to use them.

    My Logan 811 has no feed rod and one is expected to feed by setting the change gears to something appropriate and engaging the nuts. In the maybe 35 years since I've had the thing, I've never done that even once. My practiced precision hand feed does just fine.
  7. Conrad Hoffman

    5-40 screws. ?

    The fine pitch screws resist vibration well and are strong. Perfect choice for the application. A #6-32 is rubbish by comparison!
  8. Conrad Hoffman

    Tall ceiling & I want a mini split. Advice please?

    Therein lies the dilemma. You can't match to a wildly varying load. At any given time the unit is too big or too small. FWIW, one of the techs who worked on my system said he had them in server rooms and they ran flat out most of the time, for years on end. No real problems. I have to believe...
  9. Conrad Hoffman

    Tall ceiling & I want a mini split. Advice please?

    Wait a minute, what happened to, "Sure it's hot, but it's a dry heat!"
  10. Conrad Hoffman

    Tall ceiling & I want a mini split. Advice please?

    I'm in upstate NY and use a mini-split for the house. In my garage shop I just work when it's comfortable. I don't know if you need a cold climate unit for SC. It can get cold, but not that cold. There are some things on the 'net I think are wrong or just misleading, so I'll toss out a few...
  11. Conrad Hoffman

    OT: Helicopters can't fly when it is 120 F.

    We're all young and strong in our minds, but remember that as you get older your ability to tolerate heat (and alcohol and assholes and a bunch of other stuff) usually gets worse.
  12. Conrad Hoffman

    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Now just think about all the problems we could solve and the discoveries we could make if we stopped blowing things up and killing each other. Not holding my breath- we're a highly flawed species.
  13. Conrad Hoffman

    Which is better for copper: cutting or forming taps?

    I love form taps for anything ductile, but the end application matters. As above, those crests can retain stuff. Also, overly enthusiastic assembly people can start a screw in the crest groove and re-thread the entire part.
  14. Conrad Hoffman

    Something new for me: a piece so hard, it can not be tapped?

    Line Tool made really nice stages. I don't waste my time even thinking about tapping hardened steel. If you can use an insert it's the way to go for one-offs if you can't do thread milling or EDM, or maybe even if you can.
  15. Conrad Hoffman

    Spindle bearing grease

    Figure the OP posted in 2012, 12 years ago, so he probably picked something by now. Probably time to re-grease!
  16. Conrad Hoffman

    Vertical bandsaw blade guide post lubrication

    IMO, way oil might be a sticky mess. I'd use some decent light oil like Triflow or maybe a dry Teflon spray.
  17. Conrad Hoffman

    Measuring surface finish What standard to calibrate machine?

    If you can arrange it, you scan over the edge of a brand new sharp razor blade. Usually have to make a holder so it only protrudes by a few thou. The blade will be way sharper than 2 microns and a typical profilometer tip is a 60 degree cone with a 2 micron radius at the end. If you trace the...
  18. Conrad Hoffman

    Drills not drilling even after resharpening

    I'm old and my memory is bad but wasn't there a time when discussion of anything Drill Doctor was verboten? Hint- there was a reason. I've used the very nice Darex units, the old ones that look like a two wheel bench grinder, and they work well if not worn out. I've sharpened free-hand with good...
  19. Conrad Hoffman

    Moving from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing

    I wouldn't be quite so pessimistic, but you really want to grow about 2X before this makes sense. Also, do you know what your outside shop is actually doing to make these parts? Is there any "secret sauce" they use, like heat treating steps you don't know about or maybe some grinding to get the...
  20. Conrad Hoffman

    Wheel dressing diamond ???

    The diamond should be pointed but I find that, at the recommended angle, no matter how much you rotate it, it becomes fairly rounded. Things are better with a smaller diamond because it can't get as dull, but a small diamond won't get rid of heat as well and has to be replaced more often. Still...