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  1. Finegrain

    Thin AL Plate Machining required USA Based Companies ONLY

    Put fillets on the inside vertical corners. Sharp inside corners are a PITA. Also, yes, drilling the holes in the interior ribs is going to be quite the trick. I don't know of any angle-head attachment that is thin enough to fit down in the pockets. Regards. Mike
  2. Finegrain


    There are probably 20 guys who had a bad experience for every 1 that has/had a good experience. A friend of mine, local shop ~10x the size of mine, one of the smartest guys I know, tried it and quickly concluded it was a waste of time. I use Xometry (since 01/2020) when I have nothing in my...
  3. Finegrain

    NPT Pipe Tap Feeds and Speeds

    Assuming mill, not lathe ... Ugh, ditch the NPT tap and threadmill!! You have a CNC mill after all. Threadmill gives you fine control over thread size, and no termination ridge that you get with an NPT tap. Regards. Mike
  4. Finegrain

    Current AL 6061 price

    Just was quoted $3.85/# for a couple hundred #'s of 5/16" x 2" 6061 Regards. Mike
  5. Finegrain

    Who Makes the Absolute Best Roughing Endmill for Aluminum?

    I really like Maritool segmented/corncob roughers. They are more free cutting than Diamondbacks IME. They last a freaky-long time. Regards. Mike
  6. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    Thanks Grant, it's been a rough few months :o
  7. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    65 parts in and so far the surface looks fine. Overall cycle time for the part is 9 minutes so it might be a few days before I know how far it got. Regards. Mike
  8. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    .0025". More than that and the scallops get a bit more visible than I'd like. Regards. Mike
  9. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    The previous operations leave a 6mm thick square edge with .01" extra, so yes, the bullnose isn't removing a lot of metal. Regards. Mike
  10. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    Thanks guys! Since I already have the Whitney HSS tool from making the prototypes, I will let it fly and see how long it lasts. Regards. Mike
  11. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    The only carbide equivalent I know of is Harvey 32810, but it is only 3/4" diameter and 4 flutes, while the Whitney tool is 1-5/16" diameter and 8 flutes. With scallop height considerations, I probably would have to run the Harvey tool faster than my 16k RPM max to get the same finish as I'm...
  12. Finegrain

    How fast (SFM) can you run HSS in 6061?

    I'm running a Whitney 5/32" bullnose cutter in 6061 to put a bullnose all the way around a ~5" x 20" part. I actually don't know what the practical limits are for HSS cutting 6061. I'm running 1,300 SFM right now, and all seems well. I'd like to go faster, of course, but I don't want to...
  13. Finegrain


    No, Xometry is not going anywhere anytime soon. They have recruited a lot of shops, enough that they can always find a shop willing to take low-paying jobs. Regards. Mike
  14. Finegrain


    Xometry is fine IF you have a shortfall in regular work and need some filler to make your monthly/quarterly goals, or just want something to fiddle with while you wait for regular work to pick up. It's VERY difficult to make a living wage on Xometry work. There are some jobs that I've done that...
  15. Finegrain

    Need source for "better" 3/16" 6061 plate

    Hello, I make a family of parts from 3/16" 6061 plate. Parts finish to nominal thickness, ~8" wide, between 14 and 20" long. They get a bunch of pockets and holes put in. Flatness +/-.01", thickness +/-.005". I've been trying to use commodity 3/16" 6061 plate, but much of the time, what I get...
  16. Finegrain

    What are the actual tolerances for a "Min" or "Max" dimension callout?

    I am working on this part, which has the following tolerance callouts: The blanket 1-decimal tolerance is +/-0.25mm and the 2-decimal tolerance is +/-.08mm. So, is the 22.6MAX supposed to be 22.6 +0/-.25, and the 12.53MIN supposed to 12.53 +.08/-0? Or could the space between the ears be, for...
  17. Finegrain

    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    What's a "PT010"?
  18. Finegrain

    2 issues with latest SW upgrade

    NM, I see that "Whats New" is the new name for "Daily Posts", and this is the new static URL: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/whats-new/
  19. Finegrain

    2 issues with latest SW upgrade

    1. There used to be a "Daily Posts" in addition to "New Posts". It seems to be gone now. "New Posts" a PITA, IMO, since you can't re-read a post. Once you read it, it is no longer "New" and so it doesn't show up in the "New Posts" list. 2. No static URL for "New Posts" that I can save in my...