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  1. Mickey_D

    Help Identify LeBlond Lathe and Weight

    I have been looking for a "farm" lathe (decent sized and not totally worn out) and ran across this LeBlond that appears to be a 16x80 with a taper attachment. Despite the paint being crap, it is quiet with only a little wear on the ways. My guess is it is from the 40's or 50's because it...
  2. Mickey_D

    Fanuc 0iMD PCMCIA Card to USB adapter?

    I have a Hardinge GX480 APC with the Fanuc 0iMD control that we load programs on with a Compact flash card that goes into a PCMCIA adapter on the control panel. Why Fanuc would even think that was the right way to do something ten years ago is beyond me. Every couple of years (as in last night...
  3. Mickey_D

    Once again, current aluminum prices?

    Looked at the numbers and we bought over 40K pounds of 6061 flat and round stock last year. Started last year with an average of $2.05 a pound and the Kaiser that came in last week was $3.85 a pound, and this is from our cheaper distributor. Unfortunately this is spread over at least 11...
  4. Mickey_D

    Hardinge HLV-BK Serial Number Location?

    I have an early HLV-BK (made in England) and am trying to find the serial number on it? Anyone have a good idea where to look? Not sure if it was painted over or what but it is not where it is on my HLV-H.
  5. Mickey_D

    Turn-Pro HLVH copy

    A friend of mine is downsizing his shop and I bought a couple of machines from him. One was a Turn-Pro 618EVS (says made in Taiwan and is inch/metric). Not much tooling with it but I have a rather cranky (spindle drive wise) Hardinge HLV-BK (British built narrow way model) that can share with...
  6. Mickey_D

    Aluminum Pricing and Availability

    I know this is the wrong forum but there are a lot more eyeballs here. I buy about 5,000 pounds of 6061 a month. At the start of the year pricing was between $2.05 and $2.15 a pound depending on shape, size, and amount ordered. My normal supplier is Trident and use Farmer's as a backup (they...
  7. Mickey_D

    Coolant Lines for Saw?

    We need to replumb our autofeed bandsaw's coolant lines, they have gotten soft and crap is clogging the nozzles. Anyone have a good suggestion for a nice flexible 3/8" ID hose (going to need something like 30 feet for all of themn) hose that the coolant won't mess with too much? We are using...
  8. Mickey_D

    Clamp on amp meter that records highs for the day

    I am in the process for building a new facility and working on planning the electrical build out. I presently have 400 amps of high leg (delta) and 200 amps of 240 single phase. We have a fairly typical transformer on the pole, gutter and 3 disconnects on the back of the building and 1 single...
  9. Mickey_D

    Haas Tooling?

    We primarily run aluminum and use Destiny for solid carbide and Mitsubishi for insert tooling and CTS drills but both of them are getting really expensive so I am looking around. Haas seems to be pushing their own line of tooling now and wondering if anyone is running much of it and what kind...
  10. Mickey_D

    Pull Stud Broke - Brother Spindle Trashed

    We had a major crash on our fairly new (under a year old) Brother S500X1. The machine was doing a light facing operation with a Mitsubishi 2" 45 degree ASX 4 flute face mill - 10,000 rpm, .025 DOC, 150 IPM, on a 1.48" x 2.48" 6061 part. We had run about 10 parts on this run (300 plus with the...
  11. Mickey_D

    Automatic Bandsaw Wanted

    Looking for a decent auto feed bandsaw in the 8" to 12" capacity range. Our Behringer is getting tired and would like to have a backup in case something happens to it. Please send me a PM.
  12. Mickey_D

    "SMEC" Machine Tools

    An equipment sales guy dropped by last week - Doosan used to be their main line but after all of the juggling of two years ago they lost Doosan and took up Samsung. I looked at the Samsung machines two years ago at IMTS and they seemed like pretty nice machines but I did not see their booth...
  13. Mickey_D

    Using a Haimer Gauge on a Brother with C00 Control

    Bought one of the Brother S500X1 IMTS special machines and we have the tool setter but for what we are going to do with it the spindle probe seemed a little excessive. I have used Haimer probes on our old Okumas and our Hardinge mills and really like them (we set all of the tool lengths...
  14. Mickey_D

    1994 Okuma Cadet 4020 CNC Mill - Austin TX - $1000

    1994 Okuma Cadet 4020 CNC Mill. 20 tool tool changer, 8K spindle (rebuilt by Setco approximately 6 years ago), 40" X, 20", 20"+ on Z. Ran daily until about 6 months ago when it the tool changer amp started failing then it ran when it wanted to. Machine is still supported by Okuma and Hartwig and...
  15. Mickey_D

    Vises for Brother S500?

    Started thinking about workholding for the new Brother S500. I have been using Kurts from the beginning and am thinking about a pair of 4" HDL double vises with the aluminum jaws (figure I will order one with jaws and one just a body and make a batch) and just cut soft jaws like we do for our...
  16. Mickey_D

    Soon to be New Machine Day Thread - finally bought a Brother

    Finally bought a little Brother s500 today with their new T200 roller gear cam 4th axis. Anyone know of any good online tutorials on their control? It doesn't look too bad but new controls are always an adventure. BTY, if anyone is thinking about buying one anytime soon, they have some...
  17. Mickey_D

    DT-1 - How much heat can they take?

    Thinking about picking up a DT-1 for some second op work and am wondering how heat sensitive they are. Our shop has been hitting 100 degrees lately (we run with the doors open to get the mist out). Our Okumas and Fanuc machines do fine if you keep the filters clean, just just don't have any...
  18. Mickey_D

    Aluminum Prices Up Again

    Trident, the biggest distributor in our area, just went up another $.30 a pound yesterday from the new aluminum tariffs that went into place over the weekend. We have gone from $1.65 a pound a year and a half ago to $2.65/$2.75 (depending on order size) a pound now. So far we have been able to...
  19. Mickey_D

    Aluminum Prices

    Over the last year I have seen aluminum go from $1.70 a pound to $2.25 on my last order (I buy between 2 and 5K pounds a month) and my sales rep said to expect it to go higher due to threatened tariffs by the Trump administration against imported aluminum. We don't use any imported aluminum but...
  20. Mickey_D

    Tumbling Media for Aluminum Supplier in Texas

    We have been buying tumbling media from C&M Topline for years (normally get a couple of pallets a year) but with LTL shipping rates getting so high I am looking for a closer distributor. Anyone have any luck in the Texas area?