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    Possibly FS: National Instruments cDAQ modules

    It's probably off-topic here, but maybe someone is interested. I have around 17 NI cDAQ modules that are surplus to me - is anyone here interested in such things? They are used for data acquisition and I also have a couple of chassis that use them. You'd need the NI software (Labview) or...
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    RFQ - welding a titanium stud to a titanium plate

    I need to have a couple of these welded up in titanium and a couple more in stainless steel. The plates will have 0.175"x0.020" holes to help align the studs. The studs need to be perpendicular to the plate +/- 1° or so and need to have good structural integrity. I can provide the parts...
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    DRO system for micrometer?

    DRO system for microscope? I'm looking for a DRO system for inspection with microscopes for the purpose measuring very small features and dimensions, on the order of a few microns, over distances of 2-6 inches. I have the microscope and an X/Y stage with 0-1" manual micrometer heads but it is...
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    Setup needed to weld SS stud to titanium plate

    Are there any special requirements for welding a #8 SS stud to the center of a 1.5"x2"x0.062" titanium plate? Some sort of shielding gas, maybe?
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    FS: Loose lot of very used drill bits, taps, and reamers

    Mostly small sizes and probably best used to develop your sharpening skills. They'll be packed loose in a small flat rate box. $25, shipping included.
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    FS: loose lot of Morse Tap drill

    These are pretty beat up but if anyone wants, them I'll take $25, including shipping via USPS FR. They will just fit in a small flat rate box, so they are mostly small diameter and fairly short. Fair warning - I'll just throw them in the box loose.
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    FS: Hammond Trim-o-saw (glider saw) accessories

    These are a miter gauge and a work holder clamp. Both have seen better days as the pictures shows. $100 for the set pluh actual shipping from 60510 (Illinois).
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    Clausing 5840 horizontal mill FS, near Chicago

    A friend who lives in the west suburban Chicago area is looking to sell his small Clausing horizontal mill. It will need to be dragged out of his basement and he will probably be unable to provide much heavy lifting help. It weighs 900-1000, but is fairly easy to break down into smaller...
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    FS: Misc stuff, part 4

    Some sort of crimp tool, NIB, Wico 06-7852-01. Too big for a USPS small FR box so it will ship by FedEx ground or USPS envelope, your choice. $20 plus shipping. Parts for some sort of custom drill grinding jig. Darex holders but no chucks and a few spare straps plus a spring that might be a...
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    Misc Stuff, Part 3

    NIB, timing belt pulleys, 60L050 SD. I believe that these are a 7.13" OD, take a 1/2" belt, and a SD style quick connect for the hub. Both for $50 + USPS medium FR shipping. Some sort of quick-change step vise jaws, I think. Looks like they fit a 4" vise are 1-3/8" high, and have 1/4"...
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    FS: Misc Small Stuff, part 2

    Prices including shipping. I've no clue what the device's intended use was but the Starrett indicator might be useful. $20 including small USPS FR box shipping. B&S 1/8" No. 7 taper collet, NIB, $15 including small USPS FR box shipping.
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    FS: Miscellaneous small stuff

    These items will each ship in a small FR USPS box. The price is listed after the picture and includes shipping. Old Lenk blow turch, $12 Starret speed indicator in sad shape. $10 Rivett collet, 1/4" beat up, $10
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    Small lots of oil cans and micrometers

    These are mostly ball oilers in various conditions, ranging from well-used to nearly new; note that one of them has a broken latch dealy on it's plunger. $50 for the lot + shipping by FedEx ground. These are small oil cans also in various stages of condition. $20 for the lot + shipping by...
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    FS: Procunier Model 2 and 3E Tapping Heads

    The #2 head is a Series 12006 looks brand new and unused, has a 1/2-in straight shank, includes both wrenches. and has 5 collets (#8, #10, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8"). It will ship by USPS Medium FR or FedEx ground at your choice. $200 + shipping. The #3 head has a 5/8" straight shank, both...
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    FS: Morgan Milwaukee 4-in banch vise, pickup only

    It's missing one of the swivel lockdowns but is in otherwise decent shape, I think. I'm looking for $100 cash, pickup only in the far western Chicago suburbs.
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    Free for shipping - metrology items

    The Pratt & Whitney display moves when the indicator plunger is depressed, but I've no idea if it is accurate or not. This should fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box. The Etamic indicator display worked at one time, but I can't get the display to light up now so no guarantees on this one...
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    FS: Microprem digital indicators, set of 3

    I have 3 of these, which all seem complete though has an odd power plug that will need to be replaced with a standard US 2-prong plug, They appear to be complete fiyth a full range of tips, spare pulbs, adjusting tools, covers, and a manual of sorts. They each have a range of 0-1.100 inch and...
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    L-00 Lever-Type Pratt-Burnerd collet chuck & collets

    This is a lever-type Pratt-Burnerd collet chuck and includes a full set of EC-series collets in a metal case. You'll have to make the bed clamp to match your lathe. $400 OBO + shipping/insurance from 60510.
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    FS: (2) 30 taper arbors, new, 1", $100 each OBO

    I bought these 10-20 years ago for a Clausing 8540 mill that I had and never used either of them. Please note that neither is specifically designed for the 8540/8550 mills and will need modication to fit the Clausing overarm support. One of them is labeled "Bakuer" or "Bakiier" and the other...
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    FS: 12x34 Tosa Tool Fixture Plate and accessories - $1500 OBO

    Brand new and unused Tosa Tool TT1234 fixture plate (12x34x3/4") with mounting hardware, bag of set screw and hole plugs (to keep coolant out of the bored and tapped plate holes), their locating pin kit, and the pin puller for the tapped dowel pins and plate hole plugs. The plate is made from...