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  1. mhajicek

    PSA - Norma .223 Recall

  2. mhajicek

    Small self centering vises

    Haas just sent an ad for this, for $800: https://www.haascnc.com/haas-tooling/mill_workholding/vises/05-0013.html I got a bunch of these for $60 each, and they seem just as good as the Lang's I'm used to...
  3. mhajicek

    Too much demand!

    What do you do to keep your clients happy when momentary demand outpaces your supply, and other shops can't meet the needed lead time and quality for subbing out to? I have two months of work to do in the next month.
  4. mhajicek

    HVAC service, Minneapolis area?

    It seems HVAC repair service is done like Uber these days, but with piss poor management. I called Gordons, and they said they could have someone out the next day at a certain time, and sent a confirmation email. No call, no show. After calling them a few times, I finally got a call back from...
  5. mhajicek

    Looing for a supplier to diamond grit coat parts

    I'm looking for a supplier who can apply a fine diamond grit coating on titanium parts, for a grip texture on surgical implements. Any suggestions? Bonus for being near Minneapolis. Small quantities to start. Thanks
  6. mhajicek

    Cheapest reliable optical tool presetter for tiny tools?

    What's the cheapest way to get into a reliable optical tool presetter for tiny tools, barring getting super lucky at an auction? Cutters range from 3/8" down to .005". I understand I'll probably need to make or have made an adapter for my ISO-20 holders. Thanks
  7. mhajicek

    Workholding for micromachining?

    I'm getting orders for smaller and smaller mill parts. I have some in the queue with features from .020" down to .005", and that are 3mm OAL. Are there good solutions off the shelf for gingerly holding such parts for second ops? I can't quite drop them complete. Ten each of three such part...
  8. mhajicek

    Who no 5160 sheet on the market?

    I've got a side project for which I think 5160 sheet around .040" thick would be ideal, but I can only find significantly thicker sections. Any reason they don't seem to make it? Thanks
  9. mhajicek

    Aftermarket dual contact?

    What's the feasibility (and what are the complications) of converting a standard steep taper spindle to dual contact? I seem to recall hearing that this can be done for a 40, and it follows people would want to for a 30. I'm hypothesizing about doing it to an ISO-20. I'd have to get custom...
  10. mhajicek

    Where can I get a quality miniature drill chuck?

    As above, looking for a miniature drill chuck that isn't hobby quality, and isn't one of those finger-feed ones. For holding drills and reamers in a CM-1, ISO-20 taper, max chuck body diameter 1.250". Straight shank 3/8" or 1/2" would be good. Thanks
  11. mhajicek

    Glass half full

    You know the old thing about he glass being half full or half empty, and the engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be? Well I just heard a new interpretation the other day: "The glass is refillable." You make of the glass what you will.
  12. mhajicek

    Nexgen control, switching between inch and metric?

    On a nexgen control mill, if I want to run in metric mode, will I need to change a bunch of settings for the probe, recalibrate, re-touch-off tools, etc? Thanks
  13. mhajicek

    New machine thread: CM-1

    Haas impressed me with the performance of the 2015 VF-3SS with trunnion I'd been using for six years, where I'd been running a one-man prototype and short-run shop for a medical device company. They decided to become a virtual company (a few managers in offices, jobbing out absolutely...
  14. mhajicek

    Convince me not to buy TopSolid.

    I've been using Mastercam since '95, and it's been pretty good to me. I'm still using version X9, because I detest how slow and cumbersome the new interface is in comparison. There are enough improvements by now however, that it would warrant biting the bullet and forcing myself to acclimate...
  15. mhajicek

    ISO-20 Toolholder, Integral Stud?

    I'm looking at buying some ISO-20 holders for a new machine, and I'm seeing one company (Taiwanese) that's making them in one piece rather than having a separate pullstud. They're also claiming 2.5G @ 50K RPM, and the pricing is pretty good. This sounds pretty good to me, but I'm wondering...
  16. mhajicek

    Best CAM software for 5 axis + Swiss 2021? No Autodesk.

    To drudge up an old topic, what's the best CAM for 5 axis milling plus Swiss turning this year? Autodesk products are off the table. I'm used to Mastercam for milling, but they don't do Swiss well. I'd like to use the same package for both. I hear Topsolid is good? Maybe Esprit? Local...
  17. mhajicek

    ISO-20 Coolant Collar?

    I'm thinking of getting a Haas CM-1, as I do a lot of tiny parts with tiny features. The high RPM, compact footprint, and reasonable price make it appealing. The machine's one real weakness for my applications is that it doesn't have a TSC option. Is there a suitable coolant collar system I...
  18. mhajicek

    Delrin 2nd op Pulling out of vise

    Are there any special tricks to keep a Delrin second op from pulling out of the vise? It's a partially hollow rectangular box, so I can't tighten it much without distorting it. I've heard of putting sandpaper on the jaws, but I'm worried about marring the finish; should I not be? I suppose I...
  19. mhajicek

    Job boxes and billing cutters

    For those doing jobs billed as "time and materials", I'm wondering about how most people handle billing cutters to jobs; bill it when it's pulled from new, or when used up? Do you put a used cutter in a job box for next time, or in a customer box for their next job? Do you bill a fraction...
  20. mhajicek

    Tumble blaster?

    I make small batches (ten to twenty usually) of small medical device parts (usually palm sized or smaller). I've been media blasting by hand, but it's labor intensive and my hand cramps up after a certain number of parts. Thinking about getting one of these...