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  1. enginebuilder

    Resizing a small connecting rod???

    Packard V8 has you on the right course. lathe boring on a boring head in the mill will work, but if your time is worth anything . . . Does the rod use an insert bearing shell, or are they aluminum rods riding directly on the crank? Sunnen and other brands of honing mandrels are designed to...
  2. enginebuilder

    Note there is a new moderator ! Thanks Paula for your past efforts...especially

    Jeeze, I come by for the first time in a while and find Paula has left us, bummer. Folks like her is hard to come by. Welcome Brad.
  3. enginebuilder

    1891 arg. scope mount advice

    I have a series of photos of a base that I made to fit the original rear site mount on my 1891 Argie. Requires removal of the ladder site and installation of the scout mount base, then a ring mount rail, You would have to have an original rear site to use it though. Your barrel has likely been...
  4. enginebuilder

    Long time, no visit, Howdy!

    Thanks for the thoughts folks, I'll start with the thread dial pin and see whats there. This machine has no back gear, threading at 800+rpm is a little exciting to start with, don't think stopping and reversing is gonna work on this one :( I investigate the suggestions soon as I get a chance
  5. enginebuilder

    Long time, no visit, Howdy!

    Been a while since I posted here since I sold my SB13. Still check in once in a while to see whats going on. Since I sold my SB, I was given another machine to play with. I wont go into brand unless it becomes necessary.:o (hey- it was free!) Having a bit of trouble that I cant sort out...
  6. enginebuilder

    Pallet of Kurt vises - Anyone interested in all of them ?

    If you split em up, how much for the Taiwanese 4 inch swivel base?
  7. enginebuilder

    eBay/Paypal refund if goods never show up for real ?

    I got burned on this one a while ago,"waiting" for the mail to become un-lost. I got hosed 45 days is the limit, I'd start at 25 now
  8. enginebuilder

    question about cylinder boring/measuring

    You'rre not going to be happy boring cylinders on a lathe for very long. Most of the Harley jugs I've done, are never worn straight. In other words, the wore out bore does not follow the original bore. If you get lucky, you might save one at the largest available oversize. On a regular boring...
  9. enginebuilder

    Help with Mcgowen barrel

    They're just down the road, want me to pee on their mailbox? :D
  10. enginebuilder

    OT: issues with CAT 3208 diesel. looking for resources

    Spot on right there, cranks where junk in a lot of Cats Dont run it hard, just steady
  11. enginebuilder

    Gear repair

    If you have a tig welder, try brazing with it, the braze will stay in place just like steel. Tig brazing works very well, especially on cast iron
  12. enginebuilder

    FS: ESAB Heliarc 252 Tig welder package

    I owned the previous version -the 242, a bullet proof workhorse if there ever was one. Great machines.
  13. enginebuilder

    OT: ? about 4 cylinder engine's

    I would honestly consider a 22RE Toyota, Yeah, its aluminum head, but so what? In a staionary application, if you do your cooling / heat exchanger design correctly, you should run for a very long time without issues. The engine will last forever running on Nat gas or propane, as it is much...
  14. enginebuilder

    Air Compressor parts help

    Well,a week later, still no parts. Grainger put me on the manufacturer after they struck out. The pump was made by Florida Pneumatics. They sold out the air compressor line about 15 years ago, according to the nice lady I talked to there. She gave me the number of the company that bought the...
  15. enginebuilder

    Air Compressor parts help

    or plunk down a few bills and get another chinese pump head from harbor freight
  16. enginebuilder

    OT - broken toque-to-yield head bolt

    Late to the game, here but for whats its worth, many later model GM engines have epoxy on the head bolt threads and GM says NOT to use impacts on those bolts. As for what they where thinking, who the hell knows
  17. enginebuilder

    Air Compressor parts help

    Local compressor shop told the guy to take it to me :( Graingers site does not come up with model number, Will try calling them to see if the people are smarter than the webmaster :rolleyes5: Thanks so far!
  18. enginebuilder

    Air Compressor parts help

    I was brought a pump form a Dayton branded 2 cyl air compressor to rebuild. Model # is 3Z965, serial #551844. I cannot for the life of me turn up anything on the net for this model number and barely anything with the Dayton name on it. It all seems to be Speedaire / Dayton info that I find...