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    Renishaw supatouch

    I was wanting to use the Supatouch optimization now that I have a machine with high speed skip. For some reason the inspection plus disc/wizard I have will not output the O9800 supatouch program. The program does not appear in the folders on the disc either. What are some methods of probing...
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    Mori cycle start button disable

    Does anyone know if there is maybe a keep relay that will disable the cycle start button with the panel lock keyswitch? As it is now, the keyswitch will lock the operator panel buttons. But not that button. Mapps/Fanuc18i NH5000
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    custom extrusion vs rectangular bar

    Those who use your own custom extrusions. Where will the ballpark justification point quantity wise be on something like this vs using 2x3 rectangular bar. Finish length is 2.5 inches. This is just the extrusion profile. Extrusions would still need machined on every face.
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    private equity

    The company I work for has been acquired by a private equity firm. We were privately owned. Upper management says the leadership is not changing. Is it downhill from here?
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    carbide recycling

    I have only ever dealt with Sandvik recycling in the past. but recently they wont return an email. I have received a quote of 8.75-9 a pound from two of the four recyclers I have contacted. Anyone getting a better price?
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    swiss collet spring

    Anyone know where to buy these volute springs that go between the collet and sleeve?
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    Late Maintenance Renewal Fee

    Is 7 months after your maintenance expires late? Is $1000 fee too much?
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    mori seiki MS850G

    New to me lathe. I dont think it is oiling enough. There is a tag on the apron that says the flowrate can be adjusted via screws. Any idea where these screws are? Is there any maintenance to be done on the waylube pump without disassembling the apron? Thoughts on draining and filling with...
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    Fanuc 0iMD program check screen

    "new" machine Does anyone know how to enable the program check screen? I searched through the parameter manual, and saw the screen referenced several times, but nothing on how to get it to show up with a soft key.
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    Compulsory Federal small buisness registration

    Congress Passes Corporate Transparency Act Requiring Small Businesses to Report Beneficial Ownership Information - Lexology
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    Fanuc option install travel cost

    When getting an option turned on, Is it a waste of time to ask if they could do it when they will be in the area?
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    small vmcs and rotaries and sub plates

    I am thinking of making a subplate to mount on the table of my Robodrill. When I use my Chick vises I use some adapter bars since the t slot spacing does not line up with the vise. The sobplate would have a grid of tapped holes Also I can only fit one on if the rotary is on there. I saw...
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    Probing Stylus diameter

    I need to probe a .250 hole for location on some parts for the 2nd op. A 6mm stylus is too big. Is there a way to determine max stylus diameter? Or trial and error?
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    G2 and G3

    I have a Tsugami swiss here. We bought it new a few years ago. It is my first swiss experience. I generate toolpaths for it out of Mastercam using the same post I use for subspindle lathes. The issue I have is, even though I can get the correct axis combinations using upper lower turrets and...
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    Makino FNC

    Any one here ever moved one of these? Tips and tricks? The Counter weight is my main concern. I have not got up on top of it yet to see what provisions are there for blocking it up. I was told when it was moved to where it is now, that they somehow supported the pendant on the table. I think...
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    Fanuc Drive configuration

    I want to add a rotary to a Robodrill. Methods says the control already has the option for 4th and 5th axes. control = 31i A5 drive generation = 6117 alpha in searching for a drive I find that I can get a two axis drive of the correct size for the same money as a single axis drive. Can I...
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    air gap size recommendations

    I need some help designing this part. I have a .8661 diameter shaft. What should the clearance be between it and the stationary housing I am making. Gap will be fed compressed air for an air/gas seal. the length of this seal area along the shaft is about .315. There will be a groove in the...
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    Showa air oil injector for spindle- help needed

    Has anyone ever messed around with one of these? type DM5 (5 port) takes compressed air and oil and meters it to your spindle bearings. I have this new to us machine here (NH5000) that the spindle feels a little- not great. Upon inspection there is little to zero air coming out of the five...
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    Robodrill parts wanted!

    I am looking for some Robodrill parts! must be of Mate gen or newer, I think. Specifically anything in the spindle head and ATC area. Looking for Turret support arms (2 cast parts- R and L) Spindle- any condition. I need the motor also but as of yet I am not sure what part number Spindle...
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    Renishaw Probing on a Fanuc 6

    Hello All I am trying to install probing and a LTS on a Mori MV40 with Fanuc 6 control. (omi2) The only questions/problems I have left to solve are. A I dont have G53, it generates an 010 unusable G code alarm. the Renishaw macros the wizard generated call G53 seven times.Only one it seems for...