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  1. ncjeeper

    What psi concrete is the typical warehouse / factory floor?

    I went with 6 inch and 4000psi mix for my shop slab. We dug down an additional 4 inches (for a total of 10) in the area where my future HBM will sit.
  2. ncjeeper

    Ex-Cell-O 602

    Is that the original paint color? If so it looks pretty good. Mine was painted black when I got it, ugh. I went back with machinery gray.
  3. ncjeeper

    Looking to buy Trav A Dials

    I have one. I bought it a while back to put on my big lathe. I never installed it and I just use DTI's. It seems to work but I can't a test to it's accuracy. $100 bucks plus 10 dollars for shipping.
  4. ncjeeper

    Ex-Cell-O 602

    My Excello 602 has been a good machine. I do need to replace the spindle bearings at some point.
  5. ncjeeper

    Almost had a new B&S horizontal mill

    Did you file a complaint with the attorney general?
  6. ncjeeper

    Scrap Price Crashing?

    I have not checked lately. But from you guys are saying I wouldn't even make enough to pay the gas to drive the scrap there.
  7. ncjeeper

    20" G&E Shaper - Unloading and eventual power up

    I am envious of the auto down feed. I wish mine had it.
  8. ncjeeper

    Brown and Sharpe Omniversal - brought one home

    Oh man that is cool. Nice purchase.
  9. ncjeeper

    Gould and Eberhardt 14” tool Room Shaper for Sale

    The Universal model came with the rotating table and tilting top I believe.
  10. ncjeeper

    The Rare Monarch Machine Tool Surface Grinder

    Never knew that. Thanks for the photos.
  11. ncjeeper

    Ex-Cell-O Mill Identification

    Yeah a 602 as mentioned. Canadian made. Went out of business around 1986. You can still find some parts for it. H&W repair carry the bearings for it.
  12. ncjeeper

    Wanted 30 hp RPC

  13. ncjeeper

    Wanted 30 hp RPC

    I just bought one from American Rotary. It went on sale 30% off and free shipping. Might want to see if they can hook you up.
  14. ncjeeper

    Value of used forklifts surprised me.

    Not much to choose from around here. Either worn out with problems $2-5K range or nice used ones from $16K and up.
  15. ncjeeper

    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    I have been slow. New customers get sticker shock when you tell them the costs of materials now.
  16. ncjeeper

    What forklift brands have the smoothest motion?

    My 2013 propane powered 6k Yale lift is jerky.
  17. ncjeeper

    Gerstner clone.....Again

    Gorgeous box there.