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  1. Norsksea

    Hardinge Cataract BB59 restore to working condition

    Hi I just acquired this Hardinge Cataract BB59 lathe, I was lucking that the guy I bought it from had a bucket loader to put it on my truck. I took me the next day to get the lathe off the wooden desk it came on. Had to get the lathe off the desk and inside before in rained.
  2. Norsksea

    Digital Readout to my South Bend 10k

    Recently finished adding a digital readout with custom length glass scales. This one shows compound and cross slide scales This one shows the scale cover clearance under the compound. The first scale I installed was the bed scale that I can take pictures of anymore since I turned the bed...
  3. Norsksea

    DRO on my Bridgeport Mill

    I bought a DRO off ebay a year ago and finally deceided the time to install it. I can't believe how easy it was to find uses for the DRO and I can't believe I didn't do it a long time ago. I mounted the X scale behind the table because it had a machined surface and it the easiest because the...
  4. Norsksea

    Organized my Quick Change Holders

    Hi I finally organized my quick-change tool holders. I had bought a Lista cabinet with a variety of carbide tool holders and inserts. Some of these carbide insert holders had up 5/8th, ¾ and 1 inch. I milled them all down to ½ inch and blued them before installing them to the quick-change...
  5. Norsksea

    My Basement Shop

    I am a Merchant Marine and work out of NY Harbor when at sea. Here are pictures of my basement shop where is spend most of my time when I’m home from sea. Frank
  6. Norsksea

    South Bend 9C to 10K conversion

    Hi I have been searching around and read a lot of good information here about South Bends. The picture below is my South Bend 9” model C with a 48" bed. I am the 2nd owner of this lathe, which is in great shape because it was and still is only a hobby lathe. I never liked changing gears for the...