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  1. J

    Haas part pricing

    So I needed new rubber strips for the Y axis on my VF4... Holy @#$% 20' roll of rubber and they charge $495 plus shipping.... That should be like a $50 roll, $100 tops. But I guess we all need to chip in and buy parts for the race car. I can't wait to have to do the X axis and need 2 rolls...
  2. J

    Carbide ring source

    Good customer of mine asked me to make a some new bandsaw blade guide roller assemblies for them. This is a very large fully automated saw from Germany or somewhere over there with like 6 month+ leadtime on parts at the moment. The main contact wheel is Carbide ring that is 80mm OD 65mm id and...
  3. J

    Impressive bridge crane lift

    Just a pair of 750 ton bridge cranes working together on a 1200 ton lift and place. The whole ITER project is some impressive stuff.
  4. J

    Help drill Stainless bolts

    I'm pulling hair out over this and at my wits end. Hurricane bolts (sidewalk bolts) 18-8 stainless. 3/8"-16 threads, 1/2" long. All I need to do is drill a 1/4" hole through it length wise. Problem is the hole is so close to thread minor that any work hardening and the last 2 threads get pushed...
  5. J

    Spot welder power supply how to

    Still looking at some used spot welders. Alot of them seem to be 440v single phase. How to get that from 220 volt single phase? Most transformers I see are all 3 phase, of which I have one after one of my phase perfects to get 460 volt for my Alpha Lathe but then thats 3 phase not single...
  6. J

    Spot Welder sizing for power

    Maybe a dumb question, but.. I'm looking for a spot welder to do say 2 sheets of 16ga together, maybe some weld nuts that sort of stuff. From what I gather about power requirements for input power I figure I can feed a 30 kva welder pretty easy. If I find a deal on say a 50kva machine is it ok...
  7. J

    Dorian manual turret

    Selling a Dorian NVIT8-75 manual index lathe turret. Takes 3/4" sq shank tools or 1-1/4" round. Only have the 3 wedges for the sqr shanks. Works like it should just have no use for it. Asking $1200. shipped in lower 48.
  8. J

    Volstro right angle head

    Right angle head for bridgeport style mills. Uses er16 collets, comes with spline drive bushing and wrench. Asking $400 shipped in lower 48, paypal.
  9. J

    Software for organizing assembly parts etc

    I'm trying to find a free, or relatively inexpensive software to organize assembly parts and everything that goes with them. Such as: -DXF outline for plasma cutting -Plasma cut programs for the different sheet metal thicknesses -Bend sheets for the press brake -Notes on setup etc for press...
  10. J

    Miller mig welder

    Selling my Miller CP-302 with 22a feeder and Tweco spraymaster gun and some extra tips. 3 Phase machine. Works good, just upgrading. Asking $1300, no wire or bottle. Can load in truck, located in 54454
  11. J

    Monarch Lathe

    Upgrading lathes so selling my Monarch 18CBB Lathe 20.5" swing 72" between centers Taper attachment 700 rpm max spindle speed D1-6 camlock spindle nose 10 hp 3ph motor Comes with 16" 4-jaw 12" 3-jaw 10" 4-jaw 15" faceplate 8" blank chuck adapter 1" shank tool holder block Lantern style tool...
  12. J

    Small machine shop liquidation

    A local friend that had a small machine/fabrication shop died unexpectedly a couple weeks ago. Trying to help them sell off some of the bigger items before it gets too cold and hard to heat the building with no income coming in. We have not figured out any prices on things yet but would like to...
  13. J

    Clinching Sheet metal as a joining method

    Has anyone built there own clinching machine or figured out a cheap method of using punch and dies from some place? I make some parts that are currently spot welded , max 2 pcs of 20 ga stainless. Been looking into clinching machines to use instead of the spot welds, as fast, no heat, and no...
  14. J

    3d Printed Press Brake tooling does work

    So here's some pics of some 3d printed custom gooseneck punches I just made and use for the first time. have done some others in the past but these were the biggest so far. Air bending max 16ga mild steel in a 1.5" V die with a 1/4" punch radius. Punch ht is 9.90" Printed on a sub $500. 3d...
  15. J

    Fixing tight tolerance bore in Delrin

    So a month ago I made some delrin parts with a 28mm bore something like 4" deep with a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.001". I am confident they were in spec when they left here, after having sat on the bench for a day and inspected again. Now a month later customer is saying they are 0.0009" under...
  16. J

    FS: Harig Air Flo Fixture

    Selling my Harig Air Flo 5c air bearing grinding fixture in original toolbox. It all works great just never gets used so time for it to find a new home. $700. packed and shipped in lower 48.
  17. J

    Multibend forming tools in press brake

    Are there any good books or websites that talk about how to design and build forming dies to run in press brakes? I have some parts that are moving toward higher production and seems like several of them could be made in one hit on the brake instead of multiple. For example; one part is 20 ga...
  18. J

    Tool modifications when in a time crunch

    Tell me I'm not the only one who has modified a digital calipers to reach in some place. The things a guy does on a Saturday when parts need to be done. At least I had a cheap one to grind down and not my brown and sharp... Fairly loose tolerance groove deep inside a bore. I had the adapters...
  19. J

    LP engine starting problems and regulator questions

    I have a JLG manlift with a ford engine running on LP. This winter trying to work on shop addition, it suddenly wouldnt start. Has always had issues idling, no mater where idle speed is adjusted. Anyway, finally wamred up and had some time to work on it abit and seems like engine is cranking...
  20. J

    Way oil pump

    My 05 Vf4 way oil pump seems to be acting up. Anyone know if there is a motor kit or something? It pumps fine by manual activation but seems the motor is not activating it.