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  1. gkoenig

    Shop Power Help

    So, I'm leaving downtown Portland and found a nice piece of property outside the city with a nice shop on it that has it's own 200 amp service, separate from the house. PGE quoted me about $20k to install 3 phase, which is something I'll probably do in the future, but for now... it is into the...
  2. gkoenig

    Shipping Container for Utilities

    Looking to move out of Portland for what are obvious reasons, and combining my house and shop onto a single piece of property. What I was thinking of doing was installing the compressor and tumbler (i.e. loud/annoying pieces of equipment) in a connex box behind the main shop. Primarily, this is...
  3. gkoenig

    UMC-750 Gen III is Here

    Haas finally brought the UMC 750 up to the Gen III design of the newer UMC 500 and 1000 offerings. YouTube Say what you will of Haas, but they obviously listen to customers. Some nice looking upgrades and that is a hell of a machine for the price. The SS version with what I think would be the...
  4. gkoenig

    Portland: Independent Service

    I'm thinking about buying a 2009 vintage Genos 200ME lathe. Just wondering if there are any independent service folks in the Portland area to help set it up and give it a once-over. Thanks!
  5. gkoenig

    WTF is this motion under heavy load?

    YouTube Titan (boom, and all that) posted this video with some Kennametal end mill doing full slotting in 1018. Someone asked if this was adaptive toolpath, to which he said it isn't... just the machine flexing under load. So seriously, WTF is this? Just what happens when DMG hands you a free...
  6. gkoenig

    Castrol Rustilo Availability

    I've been using LPS #3 around the shop and FrogLube on in-machine applications as a general steel-on-steel corrosion inhibitor. Not such a huge fan of either as they are hard to apply. Have heard good things about Castrol Rustilo, including that some of the versions are very coolant compatible...
  7. gkoenig

    Machined Steel Rule Die

    So we do a lot of die cutting for our soft goods and a widening catalog of very specialized bits of camera gear. All this stuff is cut with steel rule dies. They aren't so expensive (~$180 for the smaller ones), but I would like to make some of these in-house for the really niche projects and...
  8. gkoenig

    How Close Does a 4th Need To Be Dialed In?

    (note: never dealt with any of this, don't have any idea WTF I'm doing). Making a sub-plate for the Sankyo rotary on the Speedio. Machined some 1" thick D2 to size today, off to grinding tomorrow. When it gets back, I'll be putting 4 countersunk holes in it to bolt to the table, and 3x M12s on...
  9. gkoenig

    New Machine Day: Another F-ing Speedio

    So this is all familiar from all the other Speedio threads, the big silver box, the cool space ship bag, yadda yadda. Andy (2of3) put up with literally 2 years of bullshit questions from me. He and Yamazen have been as top-notch as everyone says. Ngon was my installer and he was great! Some...
  10. gkoenig

    Pull Stud Torque

    So, I'm now super confused on this... Yamazen's kick ass installer guy was wiring up my new Speedio and we got to looking over the killer deal on some ER8 Lindex holders I snagged on eBay, and he took one look at them and said "These weren't used much, but someone overtorqued the pull studs."...
  11. gkoenig

    FS: 2006 Robodrill Mate

    2006 Fanuc Robodrill Mate 10k RPM BT30 16x12x12" Travels 14 Tools, 3 Second Chip-to-Chip Comes with a 16x6 Orange Vise, Tool Probe, Haimer 3D Taster, Pull Studs. About 2.5 years ago, I bought this machine from Milacron (the owner of PM) as my first CNC. It's been an amazing piece of kit that...
  12. gkoenig

    Sanding Belt for Carbide

    I picked up one of those Jet bench grinders with the MultiTool belt sanding attachment. I somehow made it this long without any sort of a bench grinder, and I liked the flexibility of this one (not like I'm grinding knives or anything). Running side lock holders for some tools, I would like to...
  13. gkoenig

    Saw Cutting Stainless Stock

    Normally, I'm an aluminum kinda guy but I'm now looking at making a product out of 17-4. The thing is, I have no idea what the best way to saw the raw stock is. I need small pieces (1" round bar cut to .5" lengths, and .5" square bar cut to 1" lengths). None of the stainless suppliers around...
  14. gkoenig

    96mm Lang Quick Point

    Hi Guys... If anyone has a Lang 96mm quick point square receiver for sale, shoot me a DM. I want to try something and see if it works out, and don't want to invest a boatload in a new receiver in case this fails. Since I know some big shops who are heavily invested in this sorta stuff often buy...
  15. gkoenig

    Handwheel Jog Through a Program

    So I was at a shop we use for custom springs, checking out their Itaya spring making machine, and the dude setting it up was using the hand wheel to jog through the program as he tweaked the thing to do what he wanted. Then I happened upon this YouTube video from Edge Precision (total badass...
  16. gkoenig

    Drilling Through Pencil Lead: Manual Lathe v. EDM

    I stumbled across this insane Japanese game show, I think it might be the same one that Engineers v. Machinists to make the ultimate spinning top. This one has an old school manual lathe machinist up against an EDM jocky to see who can drill a hole through a piece of mechanical pencil lead. Ok...
  17. gkoenig

    What is the Thinking Behind G28?

    Hacking on some macros and reading about sending the machine home... it got me thinking: Why does G28 work the way it does? Basically everything says G53 is the way better way to go if your control supports it, and G28 is a nice way to fat finger a major crash. So what's the history behind G28...
  18. gkoenig

    Through Spindle Air Retrofit on TSC Equipped Mill

    Working with a friend of mine on a project that has some tiny details that would benefit from an air turbine spindle. Through spindle air seems way more elegant than the tooling blocks, but a couple of machines we're looking at it don't offer TSA (Robodrill and Brother). Would retrofitting...
  19. gkoenig

    1/4-20 Screw with Hex and Slot Driver

    Hi guys- We're thinking about making our own screw for a product, was wondering if you all could give me some quotes for this guy. Totally cool with tweaking the design for manufacturability, so let me know. Thanks!
  20. gkoenig

    Fanuc Height Offset Lost/Reset

    So, I was squaring up a block today. G54 Z0 was set on the floor of the vise, so I could face mill to the exact height I needed very easily. Turned on G43 height offset so I could get this done. Squaring up my block all happy, I hit reference return Z to send the spindle home and my height...