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  1. couch

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    Spindle orientation and Rotary orientation, between the two of those you can flip parts on any side.
  2. couch

    Web type camera options that are decent, yet cheap? Not spending on GoPros.

    We have a few of these around the house as baby monitors, they work well and are fairly cheap. https://www.wyze.com/products/wyze-cam?related_selling_plan=41618559008930
  3. couch

    New Haas UMC 350 Models Coming Out Soon

    You’re way above B Axis centerline though which almost always sucks for everyone. Nice setup but the stack up is terrible. The biggest hold up with a 5 Axis (Simultaneous) Speedio is that it doesn’t exist. What they should have done is put the 40MG on the side of an M300 and given it a few...
  4. couch

    CNC Surface Grinder

    Your issue is more than likely that your height is Y-Axis, not Z-Axis. Z is parallel to the spindle. When you move your Z, you're moving the table forward/back not spindle up/down.
  5. couch

    Need a Brother a00 post processor

    Rapid speed will be defined on the control with the rapid override knob. Anytime it outputs a G00 it will be in rapid, so your N10 line is starting it there already.
  6. couch

    Need a Brother a00 post processor

    You can download them for free from the Autodesk website. Just search Brother https://cam.autodesk.com/hsmposts
  7. couch

    Need a Brother a00 post processor

    The Fanuc post is close but will without question requires some minor modifications. The Brother one will be much better to start with. Main changes, without getting into the simultaneous tool changes and high accuracy modes (Not necessary to get the machine running) will be removing G20/G21...
  8. couch

    Need a Brother a00 post processor

    Fusion and HSM use the exact same .CPS post files. The Brother / Speedio post will work for A00. When you try and post, what error are you getting? The error log will show which line specifically is crapping out when trying to post.
  9. couch

    I'm looking for opinions on small 30 taper mills like the Brother and Robo

    All of the wiring and airlines are ran thru the bottom center of the table. The setups/installs are very clean. You can do either a rotary (4x) , or a tilting rotary (4+1) on one or both sides. You can even run a tool setter on each pallet to handle tool breakage/pull out detection on each side...
  10. couch

    I'm looking for opinions on small 30 taper mills like the Brother and Robo

    Brothers will handle titanium and stainless without issue. The only advantage of RoboDrills is they will do simultaneous 5x. Brother will only do 4+1. 4x simultaneous can be done on either of the additional axis, just not both at the same time. R650X2 40MG with a tilting rotary and you’ll have...
  11. couch

    New machine day - Brother S700X2 (UK install)

    TDC MFG makes a real nice coolant/air manifold. Routes thru the spindle casting/sheet metal/cable track. Have installed them before and they work real well. https://tdc-mfg.com/cnc-machine-products/brother-speedio-coolant-manifold-introductory
  12. couch

    Haas TM1-P - Umbrella Tool Changer - Using T11 and up

    Haas really just needs to allow pocket renumbering like their SMTC’s and this would solve a lot of issues. The pages are there it just won’t accept the edits.
  13. couch

    Haas TM1-P - Umbrella Tool Changer - Using T11 and up

    On Side Mount Tool Changers you can renumber the tool number to any available (1-199) under Current Commands > Tool Table. Just highlight the pot number and type in what tool number you want it to be and press enter. So if you have a 30+1 SMTC, you can set Pot 12 to T159 if you want. Won’t...
  14. couch

    Drawing help

    Are there any notes in the title block or notes section? IHI I’d imagine would be similar to Key or CTQ, possibly Indicating High Importance or similar. Print is obviously missing quite a few other dimensions to fully define it.
  15. couch

    Matsuura decline

    Do Matsuuras come with kickstands yet?
  16. couch

    Two new forums added to PM... Fadal and Hurco, Milltronics

    Decent amount of Brother posts. Would be great to have a section just for those as well.
  17. couch

    Vertically Challenged

    Brother Speedio S700X2 would be my first choice, or a VF2 with an umbrella toolchanger. Haas Mini Mill would easily do that as well.
  18. couch

    Haas Tool Room Alternatives

    Martin has most of the trunnions available for download right on their website, no purchase necessary. Are you doing simultaneous 4th axis work? If not I’m curious why you need TCPC and not just G54.2 / Dynamic Work Offset (RFO/Etc depending on mfg) Most MTB’s have this option. Little...
  19. couch

    High Pressure Coolant and tool changes

    This will depend on your coolant condition/filtration. Some machines actually force coolant on the taper during tool change to wash everything out. As long as your coolant is clean, you'll be fine.
  20. couch

    Decent 3+2 mill for small parts?

    I think another S700 with a tilting rotary will be a great option for you. May not even be on the radar, due to your existing/ongoing issues with the M300, but the M200 is 50mm lower in Z. Same travel as the M300 but closer to the table at 150mm (spindle to table), compared to the 200mm you...