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  1. enginebuilder

    Long time, no visit, Howdy!

    Been a while since I posted here since I sold my SB13. Still check in once in a while to see whats going on. Since I sold my SB, I was given another machine to play with. I wont go into brand unless it becomes necessary.:o (hey- it was free!) Having a bit of trouble that I cant sort out...
  2. enginebuilder

    Air Compressor parts help

    I was brought a pump form a Dayton branded 2 cyl air compressor to rebuild. Model # is 3Z965, serial #551844. I cannot for the life of me turn up anything on the net for this model number and barely anything with the Dayton name on it. It all seems to be Speedaire / Dayton info that I find...
  3. enginebuilder

    Can any of you experts ID this?

    Haven't posted around these parts for a while! A friend took this photo of an old machine, anyone have an idea what it is? I figgered if John Oder doesn't know, know one does :D Jim
  4. enginebuilder

    How long will the insanity last?

    Anyone have any thoughts on how long this nutso guns / ammo buying binge is going to last? I was in one of our local shops this week. Not 1 single primer in the store. Not one, no 22LR, no 223 components of any sort. Another store usually has 3 shelves, 15 feet long of gun powder. There was 6...
  5. enginebuilder

    ESAB 252 Tig machine for sale

    This isn't getting used enough so it needs to find a loving home. ESAB 252 TIG welder with stick welding output as well. I do not have the stinger for stick welding and have never used that portion of the machine. Welder requires 100 amp 220v ac single phase input. Has foot control, water...
  6. enginebuilder

    OT, Any sharp GM car guys here?

    Having trouble with windshield wipers on a 1981 Buick Regal, with intermittent wipers. The only way I can get the wipers to activate, is to activate the washer pump. It will run through its 5 or 6 swipes and park normally. outside of that,m they will not run. This has the electronic version...
  7. enginebuilder

    Stimulus bill shenannigans

    So, at our monthly gun club meeting tonight, it was announced that the stimulus bill our illustrious messiah signed into today, has buried deep within the 10" stack of paper so no one would see it, sweeping gun legislation that requires voluntary registration of every firearm arm you own. Anyone...
  8. enginebuilder

    Anyone Have a Rem 700 floor plate?

    My dad gave me his remington 700 .308 bolt rifle, the floor plate catch is broken off. Anyone have an extra laying around? Old one is pot metal, been hack welded and is working, but I aint gonna trust it for long. Rem wants to sell complete mag box/floor plate assembly, Turds TIA Jim
  9. enginebuilder

    OT Possible shipping help, Ludington Michigan

    I may need some help with shipping an item from Ludington, Michigan to here in NW Montana. The owner does not want to crate and ship the thing. Was wandering if someone is close by there and could pick it up, and provide me with some dimensions, I'll build a crate and get it to you, and send...
  10. enginebuilder

    A Bummer Day

    I haven't been around here much lately, just thought I'd poke my head in and say hi, and hope someone can offer "post lathe owner" comfort. Thats right, I sold my beloved 13" SBL today and watched it go away. :( For the last year or so, my physical condition has deteriorated to the point that my...
  11. enginebuilder

    OT: Anyone ever help develope a shooting range?

    Here in NW Montana, we have a small "sportsman club" with about 250 members. We have the gun range located on state DNRC land, which we presently lease. There is another club close by, that is going to have a very rude awakening this year when they get their lease renewal, and subsequent price...
  12. enginebuilder

    Anyone experienced with tig brazing?

    I have a manual transmission case that has a small crack, No structural issues, it simply leaks a little gear lube. normally I wouldn't bother , except this in a race car, and if oil drips on the exhaust (smoke) you're going to the pits due to a black flag. Not quite sure I'd trust JB weld or...
  13. enginebuilder

    OT / Can the welding forum be fixed ?

    Or do we want it to dry up and blow away with the tumble weeds? The last post over there that didnt involve complaining about the forum, was March 3rd. Everytime you visit, you have to shuffle everything around to find the recent post, and it appears to most have tired of sorting it out...
  14. enginebuilder

    OT: Has Ebay lost their mind?

    So I list an item on ebay on Friday evening, check back later cool, got a bid already. Check my listing to day, GONE! Got an "alert" from Ebay, my auction has been pulled for keyword spamming? Here is an exerpt from the email they sent me with the reasoning. Exact Quote: " Keyword spamming is...
  15. enginebuilder

    Slight OT? BIG Engines

    I wasnt quite sure where this might be appreciated, if it needs moved, call the riggers! A web page with some really big engine photos is here: http://people.bath.ac.uk/ccsshb/12cyl/ Its not a spectacular web site, but the shear size is interesting. and check out the torque figures, WOW :eek...
  16. enginebuilder

    Help, Kennametal Part needed

    OK, so I might be retarded, I can find all shapes and sizes of this thing except the one I need, a clamp screw for an insert tool holder I need a 1/4-28 thread, left hand one end , right hand other end, length optional from 3/4 to 1" (3/4" or 7/8" prefered) Can anyone provide me either a...
  17. enginebuilder

    Temp "sticky" for new forum ideas / quirks?

    D, I'm noticing a few scattered threads with questions, complaints and likes / dislikes about the new software. How about a tempory sticky for say 30 days or something, so that all the info people provide, would go in one place. Would make it easier for people to have a quick place to look...
  18. enginebuilder

    More Ebay sadness , 13" SBL

    Poor schmuck doesnt even know what he has for sale . Add says 30's vintage. Double tumbler gear box and 2-1/4 -8 spindle, says its much later than 30's. Still there is lots there and has a taper attachment as well. Master blacksmith indeed, looks like it was in the forge room to me. Another...
  19. enginebuilder

    Another game of what the heck is it?

    Ok, came with some chucks I bought at an auction. Has cam lock pins on the rear to mount to a spindle or whatever, the the front has its own cam lock mount to mount whatever else you desire. Has 60 divisions, marked every 10 spaces, with a indexing lock mechanisim. Pin diameteris .750...
  20. enginebuilder

    FS> > > Machine Tool Reconditioning

    Connelly's book, recently purchased from another member here. In as new condition, no marks, tears, binding perfect. Not what I thought it would be, I think it should be called "A TREATISE ON WAY SCRAPING". First 80 bucks + shipping (however you desire) gets it. Paypal. M.O. accepted. Jim