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  1. Whysosharp

    jealous shop floor supervisor?

    SIM we have a guy just like that. Uses the smallest file and does an excellent job but takes soo much time doing his deburring just to throw the parts in the tumbler at the end of the day. Its almost comical, i've started quoting accordingly.
  2. Whysosharp

    Overwhelming RFQ Backlog - Strategies on Being Selective & Bidding Quickly

    Look at what has the highest potential profit margin and quote that stuff first then work your way down the list. Often times a $40 job will get quoted $150 as that’s the minimum amount a PO can be for us per part, I won’t take less cause it’s a waste of my time.
  3. Whysosharp

    .251 Reaming Problems

    Use a letter C drill. Or interpolate with and endmill. Knowing depth and material would help
  4. Whysosharp

    Lenox bandsaw stock 100' coil - Neo 1/2 x .025 10 tpi $60

    If can hold on to one I can ask if we need any blade stock
  5. Whysosharp

    Inserts failing on face mill.

    I’m with Orange step up to a larger size. That’s the simplest solution. ISCAR has a good rep so I’m sure that this issue is a thorn in their side and they want to resolve it for you. In our shop we use Mitsubishi almost exclusively but the guys in turning swear by their ISCAR parting inserts.
  6. Whysosharp

    Loosing the center of carbide tip drills...

    If your looking for a solid drill system the Mits TAW or it’s younger but more refined brother MVX series drill will take a poo on the Sandvik having run them side by side I would always grab the Mitsubishi. Additionally the MVX series drill has collars that allow you to drill holes larger than...
  7. Whysosharp

    datron neo versus haas cm-1

    I think I boils down to service at this point. They both fit your needs now will they when one breaks down?
  8. Whysosharp

    Bought my first mill! Supermax YCM-30 with Anilam 5000m controller

    I wouldn’t sell the toolchanger there will come a day when you’ll regret it. We have 7 VMC’s all with at the most a 20 position changer and I’ll tell you what 20 ain’t enough
  9. Whysosharp

    Questions about rigid taping with a form tap.

    Form tapping just do it in one shot no pecking. Form taps aren’t fond of pecking and the momentum of doing it in one shot is actually better
  10. Whysosharp

    RFQ 1/4" dowell pins 316L

    This seems like it would be an off the shelf kind of item since McMaster Carr stocks them I would look for a local fastener company
  11. Whysosharp

    Albrecht APC Milling Chucks

    Hi sirgreggins I have not used them I meant only to point you in the direction of more information if your Rep is like ours he’ll skip the sales pitch and get to the nitty gritty of things. As a company I’ve been impressed with their service and commitment so I’d say you can’t go wrong
  12. Whysosharp

    RFQ for turned aluminum parts and a mold

    I live down the road in Woodbury CT must be a new guy or a very old guy. We work with a couple @aol’s or @snet’s maybe I’ll buzz by when I go to one of our customers out Oxford way
  13. Whysosharp

    Albrecht APC Milling Chucks

    You would want to talk to Bill he is the regional rep here in CT he may cover MA too
  14. Whysosharp

    Drive Dogs Necessary?

    I would be wary of removing those and running with none the day something slips will be a real sad day
  15. Whysosharp

    .050r max

    Yeah anything at or under .05 is acceptable even a square corner.
  16. Whysosharp

    New Steel Plants in the USA?

    I think Big B is delirious after 6 pages of back and forth nonsense that is my determination Edit: I thought I should add I rarely linger on this part of the forum but this topic looked interesting despite being a machinist and never working in the steel industry I’ve always found it intriguing...
  17. Whysosharp

    Honest question about your first cnc crash

    I remember rapiding a 6FL facemill from home into a part she moved so damn fast by the time I realized some smashy smashy was inevitable. Screwed up the spindle orientation and the home position for the tool changer causing the tool changer to then crash after the fact basically just one...
  18. Whysosharp

    ERP System

    We use Realtrac and it has been a great fit for us that includes specifically work orders time and materials.