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  1. Hardplates

    WTB - Rosetta Stone

    Having met him in person I can tell you he aint no dummy
  2. Hardplates

    WTB - Rosetta Stone

    Actually that was a dig at autodicks.....you do know what subscription based is right? You're the only one talking about other forums ;)Though now that you mention it, I fail to see how it could help translate Thermite. I don't care what you would do personally ;) When was the last time you...
  3. Hardplates

    WTB - Rosetta Stone

    I got what you need, it's subscription based tho :stirthepot:
  4. Hardplates

    Rapid travel is not working

    Have you tried shutting off the machine and restarting it? I know there is no obvious reason to but it has worked in the past when I have experienced unexplained behavior
  5. Hardplates

    Yasnac memory upgrade

    Would they actually assist you in doing a memory upgrade? If you do not know how to do it yourself there are several companies and individuals that do aftermarket memory upgrades
  6. Hardplates

    z jog

    It is standard procedure to swap the incoming phases to the machine, not individual motors as there can be more than one motor on the machine, unless someone screwed with it in the past.
  7. Hardplates

    Minor crash..

    I totally agree. I had posted that identifying the cause of the crash is more important than then damage resulting. It goes without saying this is in an attempt to prevent repeats of the same condition. While I don't have a "Oh well, Shit happens" attitude right off the bat, after I've figured...
  8. Hardplates

    Minor crash..

    It is certainly nothing I am proud of. In the event of a crash I've always said identifying the cause is more important than the damage caused. My response was to a comment that you should be humiliated by a crash. I do not agree with that. Figure out what went wrong and move on with life. I...
  9. Hardplates

    What is YOUR favorite end mill for roughing ALUMINUM?

    Which is exactly why many of us as well as former PM members that no longer post have moved over to the new place
  10. Hardplates

    Does Anyone Know What Kind of Cable This May Be?

    That is determined by the frequency of the electricity. For DC the conductor can be huge but the higher the frequency the smaller and therefore more conductors you need to carry the same current.
  11. Hardplates

    Recommendations for Sand Blasting Cabinet

    Buy a used pressure pot style, once you use one you will never set hand on a siphon type again.
  12. Hardplates

    Minor crash..

    Bullshit, anyone who has never had a crash either hasn't been doing this long enough or runs like grandma. Although rare not every crash is opperator/programmer error.
  13. Hardplates

    Minor crash..

    I recently snapped four 12mm socket head cap screws as well as breaking a 14mm shaft during a pallet changer crash at 1600 ipm and called that minor. Your crash looks like it barely even slightly dented the sheet metal so I tend to think it's not a big deal. Though I could be totally wrong...
  14. Hardplates

    Level for Modern CNC machines

    That's a nice tool but likely overkill. I've been using a cheap $100 import level for years with no issues. Unless a turning center has a ton of Z travel they tend to be pretty stiff and not be prone to much if any twist unlike an engine lathe.
  15. Hardplates

    Geno 460/560 owners. Looking at buying one

    They still make some of the best machines in the world. Think Yasda :smitten:
  16. Hardplates

    Speedio doing some High Feed Face Milling

    5 cubes would be 5hp or more in steel depending on the hardness. The 16K spindle is only 4.9Kw continuous
  17. Hardplates

    What is the best machine to drill round bottom holes in aluminum plate?

    Whats wrong with that machine? https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/cnc-machining/inherited-1990-model-matsuura-3-axis-cnc-vertical-mill-n-374212/#post3494460
  18. Hardplates

    Geno 460/560 owners. Looking at buying one

    Oh, I'd still take one :D I wish I knew why memory is always so limited but it's just one of those things I've learned to work around, especially having older machines.
  19. Hardplates

    Geno 460/560 owners. Looking at buying one

    You guys should consider yourself lucky, not having to dick with drip feeding and data servers and shit :willy_nilly: