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    9" rear end model/drawings

    We've made lots of custom parts for cars over the years and when we needed dimensions we just grabbed the part (or parts) and reverse engineered it. It's not rocket science. If you need the dimension from the centreline of the axles to the carrier face just machine up a piece of stock that...
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    Standard Keyway Practice

    Ha! I've been vindicated. I've always cut keyseats in shafts using three passes (one down the middle about .015 short of full depth and then one down each side to finish). Always thought I was being overly fussy, especially when all the Youtube videos of guys doing it in one pass started...
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    Diacro Manual #3 bender

    What holes specifically? As far as I know you can go to the Diacro site and download a manual for that machine. Would be the first place I'd start. We've got a #3 but it's in storage right now. I guess if you were stuck I could arrange to dig it out and take some measurements...
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    Will steel DOM fit over shafting?

    I've used quite a bit of DOM over the years and I'd have to say that when you're talking size for size it's not going to fit, at least not consistently. For a one off project you can measure your material and find parts that will fit together but if you're talking a production situation I...
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    trouble cutting a 8 TPI thread in SS304 - engine lathe

    I've used "Top Notch" style threading and grooving inserts for years and I don't remember ever having a problem like that. Haven't done a ton of SS but I've done some and if there's a problem it's usually the material itself. Can you grab a piece of "known" material and see how it works...
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    4 lobe Aluminum knobs

    Might be something here... KIPP - Grips and knobs Machine Knobs & Handles - Multiple Varieties & Sizes | Carr Lane Mfg.
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    Alternative "No Math Required" solution for duplicating simple bolt cirles

    What's wrong with using coordinates to lay out the pattern? Machinery's Handbook has tables with coordinates for a large number of bolt circles. There's a bit of math, you have to multiply the coordinate by the circle diameter but that's pretty easy. I do it all the time. In the time it took...
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    Nice machine shipping idea - probably failed

    Boy are you ever stuck in the dark ages...
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    WTB ~13" Lathe and manual Mill for small Business

    For sure, but two to three times the price. As for a lathe, in that size range I would look for a 14 x 42 rather than a 13 x 42. I think you'll find that the 14" machines are more common and you'll be surprised how often that extra inch will come in handy (says the guy who bought a 13" instead...
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    OT : CRF250R Backfire

    What's a CRF250R?
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    Why do 6x48 belt sanders/grinders for metal seem uncommon?

    Yup, the blue zirconia belts are really good. We use a european brand (which I think is better than anything Norton has to offer) and get good service and life out of them. We have a 6" x 48" Grizzly sander which is totally reliable, rugged and set up so you can easily change belts. We've had...
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    Dynasty 280 and stick welding

    When you say Lincoln 255 do you mean Wirematic 255? If so that's a great mig welder. We had one for over 20 years--just sold it recently because we're getting ready to shut down our shop. The Dynasty will stick weld that just fine but why piss around with stick when you've got mig? If it...
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    Plasma cut parts - big divot normal?

    Why? If you're willing to pay they should make the parts exactly the way you want them. Most of the suppliers around here will burn parts to your specs. If all you want is quick, dirty and cheap that's what they'll give you but if you want a better finish with no divots they'll do that...
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    Please help me understand what makes a thread title meaningful

    Better than Gross Fromage...:D
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    I think that's your answer. No matter how good the guy is, if he poisons the workplace that bad he's making you suffer...
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    Shrink fit dimension

    Another thing to consider is the length of shaft the boss has to slide over. If the shaft is the same diameter for its entire length that means the boss has to be pushed over 117.5 mm (about 4-5/8") to its seated position. That's a long way for a small heated part to travel without seizing up...
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    New (to me) forklift is a dream except for one thing...it brakes "too good"

    That made me laugh. We had an old 60s vintage Hyster with the monotrol. Once you got used to it you could drive one easily but puttin' a new guy on one was always fun. Our shop is in a multi-tenant complex and not everyone has a forklift so ours gets used by other people once in a while...
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    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    I'll bet some of the old, "nasty" Rapid Tap would work good on this stuff. It's been years but I remember drilling holes in 316 SS using the stuff and the material cut like butter (well, maybe not quite that nice, but it worked pretty damn good).
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    Advice: Fixturing Long Tubes for Drilling

    Considering the time it's going to take to clamp those pieces in the fixture I think you'd be just as far ahead to make a simple jig and bang the holes in with a drill press. Looks like the holes are all the same distance from the end so it should only take a simple jig to hold them. I've been...
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    friction retard for set screw

    They make self-locking set screws with little nylon inserts in the threads. Would something like that work. A quick Google search turned up quite a few different styles...