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  1. rrrgcy

    Scams, 100’s of bogus websites for equipment, guns, ammo, reloading equip.

    A gent on another forum took the time to compile present-moment Apr. 2022 scam gun sales, reloading, equipment ammo etc websites. I was unaware it was THIS bad. I don’t know if accurate but ultimately the consistency in these sites is their replication of their tell-tale malfeasance via certain...
  2. rrrgcy

    WTB Boschert Press Brakes

    Looking to buy any Goschert Press brake such as Gizelis series heavy duty xtra heavy duty, for neighbor. Just immediate reach out to members for leads.
  3. rrrgcy

    Wanted WTB: Lindow Rose Engine

    Want to buy - Lindow Rose Engine in good stead, any rosettes or the gazillion accessories. Let me know what you have, For metals, guilloché.
  4. rrrgcy

    Valcut and question re depths

    Have a trepan job and thought (I thought I thought well) to get the ready-made ValCut (used, though one cutter, haven’t tried it yet). A la Swiss the shaft isn’t .500” but a touch chunky (metric) so need to bore or order a bit and ream a holder to 13.5mm. First time I’ve hit that paper wall...
  5. rrrgcy

    Messy - Manufacturing the Hudson H9 semi pistol and Lessons

    It’s a long reading but doesn’t it always start with the part about the emailing? “In February 2016, Cy Hudson emailed James Moore ("Moore"), president of CVMI, to begin discussions regarding CVMI's production of component parts for a handgun, the Hudson H9.” Good to peek behind the curtain...
  6. rrrgcy

    Four (4) Large T-NUTs by Tietzmann Tool Co, 1 1/4”

    FS: Four (4) vintage T-nuts about 1.25” wide bottom slot x 1” tall by .73” narrow wide at top)(one is shorter in running length)(threads no idea but hole is about .53” dia) by Tietzmann Tool Co. (Walter A. Teitzmann b.1900, from 1926-1981 - Ohio). $22 shipped USA only.
  7. rrrgcy

    What is this Tri-false Edge cutter & Hand Die Press

    Two items, please move if not for this forum. Picked up this “cutter” just because with a bunch load of other 2MTs. Tri-edged, false edges but tip edges are each sharp and divoted, electro-pencil marked “Made in U.S.A” “G S Pat.” I get the Ser.RS5 and 11/16. Bought it because it’s new to me...
  8. rrrgcy

    Frelon - an alternate product for way restore?

    More of curiosity when I was rummaging through bearings - is Frelon an alternative to Rulon and Turcite for restorations? I don't see it available in sheet form, at least on first look. Frelon's used as liners in hi pressure bearings and for plain bearing sliding shafts (linear motion). I don't...
  9. rrrgcy

    Sanford Butterfly 618, Adequate for Home Thanks

    Probably 1950's version. Seems plenty of these types around but not under power like buying watermelons - pray for sweetness. Ran some 15-thou hi to the left. Pretty unacceptable. Confirmed it grinding precision flat O-1 stock full length, same thing, .015" difference L-R. Scared me so much I...
  10. rrrgcy

    What are these two devices? Bought w Surface Grinder (Butterfly)

    New to this grinding and asking if anyone could help me out with what I can do with these...? Bought a Butterfly surface grinder and the 65 year old gent's father ran a Bridgeport, 13" lathe, grinder etc in a back room/shop of a 1930's Miami home for his co. to service various industries in the...
  11. rrrgcy

    Odd back gear Machining -2 teeth, or Damage? Model 9A

    The kid in 7th grade with the crazy teeth and braces, like a grenade went off in his mouth. I just took a 1948 home and inspected the back gears better & discovered the following on the right, must be intentional, may have also been a set screw or something driven into it at an angle as well...