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  1. alcro1998

    Monarch 10ee dial in dictator bed clamps $35

    I never have gotten a DRO for my 10ee and it’s been a pain trying to mount an indicator to the bed. I decided to design and 3D print some high quality 10ee bed clamps with indicator holders. These work super well. I designed them to be very durable and precise. All the threads are metal...
  2. alcro1998

    Bridgeport true trace parts. Any use for them?

    I have a true trace off a 1969 Bridgeport. Does anyone even use these anymore or am I better off just throwing most of the parts away? Maybe someone here needs something off it? If I end up throwing it away I’d probably just keep the parts that attach to the hand wheels and the hydraulic...
  3. alcro1998

    1995 MONARCH AVS 2013 in TEXAS

    I have always wanted a Lodge and Shipley AVS but just came across this beauty on eBay. I am not sure if this is a lathe that is manufactured by Monarch or one that was maybe rebuilt by Monarch. I really wish this thing wasn't 1500 miles away... Hopefully someone here goes and looks at it or...
  4. alcro1998

    Shop Mats GALORE - Antifatigue industrial mats - 36x60

    Hey, I have a bunch of shop mats available for sale. Mats are surplus to my needs. Mats are great for around work benches and where ever you stand on hard surfaces. I use these are my work tables and at some machines. My feet and knees get sore when working in the shop all day and these seem to...
  5. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3 - Wiring Options - dc drive options

    I have recently acquired a nice 1979 Deckel FP3. Mechanically the machine seems to be in great shape but I am not sure what to do for wiring up the machine. The machine is 380v and I would just get a transformer but the previous owner decided to replace the original motor with a 220v motor and...
  6. alcro1998

    CAT 40 with a Drawbar for Deckel FP3

    I am looking to adopt a new 40 taper system for my Deckel FP3. I am not a fan of the Deckel system and do not plan on using the low profile Deckel collets. I also have no Deckel tooling. Cat 40 tooling seems to be very cheap and readily available compared to all of the other 40 taper holders...
  7. alcro1998

    3x Mitutoyo 24” dial height gages $200 each

    Hi, I have a few surplus height gages. These have been sitting around for too long. I am asking $200 each. You choose which one you want. I don’t really want to ship these but can if absolutely necessary. Pick up in Delaware, Ohio or Newark, Ohio.
  8. alcro1998

    D1-6 Lathe Chucks for Sale (8”, 10”, 15” 3-Jaw) (15” 4-Jaw)

    Hi, I have some D1-6 Chucks for sale. I am reducing my chuck “collection” as I have finally decided on which D1-6 chucks I want to keep for my Monarch. Local pickup is preferred but I can put them on a pallet or in a crate and ship them as well. Best offer considered as well. I am happy to take...
  9. alcro1998

    Very Cool Monarch Promotional Video - THE TURNING POINT

    I came across a Facebook post that suggested this video. I enjoyed watching it and found it very interesting. Figured I would share it here.
  10. alcro1998

    Mill Spindle Overheating (Rockwell 21-100)

    So I have recently acquired a Rockwell 21-100 milling machine. I originally purchased the machine to use the head since the seller told me the machine was missing the table but turned out everything was there. The machine looks nice and is smooth with little wear. As the title states, the...
  11. alcro1998

    Deckel FP3 Buying Help

    I am looking at a Deckel FP3. There are a few concerns I have about it and I would probably just buy it if it was not so far away. I am a bit hesitant since I don't want the long drive to be a waste. It looks like it could be a really nice machine though and appears to be a later model. I think...
  12. alcro1998

    Monarch 16 CW - 18.5” x 78" - $2000

    I am selling my 16cw I have it listed on the machinery for sale page but I have seen people post Monarchs for sale here. If this is not allowed I apologize. Machine is in good shape though and I am asking $2000 for it with just a 4 jaw chuck. Would like it out of the shop. I can load onto any...
  13. alcro1998

    Monarch 16 CW Metal Lathe -7.5hp 3 phase - 18.5” x 78" - $2000

    I am looking to sell a Monarch 16 CW Lathe. The lathe is in good shape. Little wear on the ways and the headstock gears are in great shape. Everything works on it and it is ready to go. I do not have it under power currently since I don't have enough power in my shop. I might be able to get it...
  14. alcro1998

    Ikegai A20 metal lathe - 20” x 60” - Newark, Ohio - $3500 (INCH/METRIC/MODULE Threading)

    Up for sale is a very nice Ikegai A20 Lathe. The lathe is in great shape and very smooth. I’d love to keep the machine but it’s a little big for my personal use. I purchased the lathe under power but have not hooked it up at my shop. It will be under power soon for inspection. I can load the...
  15. alcro1998

    Hardinge HLV-H Way Wipers needed

    I am looking for a set of way wipers for my 1979ish HLV-H. I think I might be able to get them from hardinge but figured I would check here first. Please let me know if you have some. Thanks, Chris
  16. alcro1998

    Thread: Delta Rockwell 11" lathe power feed worm gear NEEDED

    I am searching for a worm gear for the power feed on a delta Rockwell 11" metal lathe. If anyone out there knows where I can get one or has one please let me know! Thank, Chris
  17. alcro1998

    Delta Rockwell 11" lathe power feed worm gear NEEDED

    I am searching for a worm gear for the power feed on a delta Rockwell 11" metal lathe. If anyone out there knows where I can get one or has one please let me know! Thank, Chris
  18. alcro1998

    Meuser 14 x 40 lathe

    Hi, I am potentially going to purchase a Meuser 14x40 lathe. The price seems good but I can not find much info on them. I am looking for The model of this lathe Around when it was build If it has hardened ways or not Spindle nose mount It seems like some of them did not have hardened ways...
  19. alcro1998

    Monarch 10ee Tracer Lathe

    SO I am a Monarch ADDICT and there is a tracer 10ee near me for sale. I was wondering what I would need to replace or take off in order to convert it back into a normal 10ee if that is even possible. From the looks of it, I think it will only take getting a new cross slide and removing all the...
  20. alcro1998

    Leblond 13" Heavy Duty Lathe

    I have recently found a local 13x30" Leblond Heavy Duty lathe for sale. The thing looks like Leblond tried to make a Monarch class lathe. The lathe looks to be really nice but I can not find any information on a late model 13" heavy duty. I only can find information on the 16" model and it is...