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  1. kdtop3

    SB Thread Dial Questions

    Hey All, I am refurbishing a 1935 SB lathe with 15" swing and 6 ft bed. Link below. I have been told it is a model N and was given this link to an old catelog: http://www.wswells.com/data/bulletin/bulletin_100/bl_100.pdf I have just realized that it is missing its threading dial. :( I am...
  2. kdtop3

    South Bend 1935 6 ft bed, 15 inch swing restoration

    Hey all, I'm restoring a South Bend 1935 6 ft bed, 15 inch swing lathe. I have a playlist of a video series I am making as I go along. South Bend Lathe Restoration - YouTube It has a history that was quite exciting for me to discover. Part 6 of the video series tells all about it. I'd love...