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    TJ DP-523K laser and LaserControl.exe software

    So does anyone know anything about this piece of shit? :D I would say it is hobby crap but the fact it cost over $20K makes me wonder otherwise. Long story short I got it for less than what the chiller alone is worth. It's a Chinese machine but has mostly German laser components. I was going to...
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    Fanuc Blinking WARNING No Alarms

    Fanuc 18i A Seicos Sigma18M U/I On the bottom right of the screen you can see where it would constantly blink warning. No alarms on the Fanuc or Seicos side, everything worked fine. The warning was only visible on the Fanuc side by selecting FMenu I have a feeling it had to do with a corrupted...
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    NSK Evo and Espert opinions?

    http://nskamericacorp.com/product/category/Emax-EVOlution/11 http://nskamericacorp.com/product/category/Espert-500/12 Like the title says, anyone have one, use one, have opinions on one? Before I spend close to 2K on light deburring I'm interested to see if others think these tools are worth...
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    Repairing Fanuc O Keypads With Ultrasonic

    A good friend of mine has a lot of machines with OT and OM controls that he leaves set up for particular jobs and sometimes don't get run for months. When the machines sit the keypads seem to be prone to some light internal corrosion that stops some keys from working. I would say once every...
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    Fanuc OT Memory Board Layout?

    OT-c control I know from the eproms the left board is for a mill 04** and the right board is for a lathe 06** So I know the eproms circled in red are the firmware, the ICs and empty sockets circled in blue are for memory. My main question is what are the eproms on the top right circled in...
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    Remington 700 223 New Extractor Solid

    Remington Extractor (New-Style) 700 222 223 17 Rem Everyone seems to be out of stock and I'm in a bit of a rush so I thought about making a few. Any chance anyone has modeled one up and is willing to share the solid? I do have a 308 bolt face one that I could likely scale down the appropriate...
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    PCMCIA SRAM or Flash for 18i

    Year 2000 Seicos Sigma 18M which is a Fanuc 18iMA. I want to run programs through the PCMCIA port via M198. I've read some contradicting info on if I need a SRAM PCMCIA card or a flash PCMCIA card. I'm hoping it takes a flash card as they are much cheaper and I won't need a $500 USB to PCMCIA...
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    Hitachi Seiki G841 Tapping cycle

    Seicos Sigma 18M which is a Fanuc 18i with Hitachi's U/I but it should be the same for the 10 and 16 also Might be useful to someone as I couldn't find this on the internet and had to sacrifice 1 good OSG tap and one worn out tap to figure it out. Despite what the manual and controller say G84...
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    Increasing Max Spindle RPM OKK PCV40 Mitsubishi

    Machine: 1989 OKK PCV-40 Mitsu drives and motors Optional 6000 RPM 7.5/10 HP spindle motor The standard spindle motor was 5/7.5 HP 10,000 RPM From everything in the manuals it appears both units used the same spindle bearings. The motor and drive in my machine are rated for 8000 RPM by Mitsu...
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    G05 Mitsu Meldas 320M

    The machine shows G05 P0 under active G codes. If I try calling a G5 P1 or G5 P0 or P10000 in MDI I get alarm P63 which is G05 no specification, as listed in the manual. This all leads me to believe this was an option that is not active which I was possibly willing to pay for depending on the...
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    Fanuc 21iM vs 16 vs 18

    I do mostly 3D milling and surfacing. I'm looking to step up my game and get a machine that can handle lots of little linear moves quickly and smooth them out in the controller rather than having to do it in CAM. I am far more familiar with older controls from the late 80s and I push a 32 bit...
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    3D Mouse Recommendations?

    Never used one but have read some stuff about them..... Anyone run one with SolidWorks and or have any recommendations?
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    Mitsu Meldas Post change Z retract between workOffset

    In the past I have just modeled all the parts in the same work offset but I rather not do that anymore. Currently my post (fusion, inventor, hsm) retracts Z to home when changing work offsets. Ideally I would like is to retract say 3" from safe Z but I could get by with just going to safe Z as...
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    DoAll C80 Automatic Bandsaw Experiences?

    Lately I've been spending too much time babysitting the saw and like usual I'm cheap and don't want to spend 20k+ on a new saw. So I am going to look at a used DoAll C80 that's somewhat local to me. Anyone have anything to say about this particular saw? Good? Bad? Indifferent? The tag says 11...
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    Mitsu Meldas S03 E42 Alarm

    1989 OKK PCV-40 with a Meldas 300m series controller. The X and Y axis are a shared drive though the issue only seems to be with the X. The machine has done this since I bought it. I get an alarm 42 on the X axis at full rapids 800ipm, mainly when traveling more than 6-12". As a workaround I...
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    Sick of Fusion 360 / Affordable Alternatives

    I am so sick of the constant updates and crashing and it wanting an internet connection. As far as the CAD CAM aspect of it I am pleased. I will admit I have yet to do any research but is there any affordable "stand alone" software out there that is comparable. Say in the couple thousand $...
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    Look ahead, HSM, NURBS old controllers

    Curious on others opinions on what controllers can run HSM tool paths. I have a Mitsu Meldas that runs fairly well for an 1989 if I play around with smoothing and whatnot. I'm looking at a machine with a Siemens 2100 that is supposed to be 660 blocks a second and 180 lines of look ahead. How...
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    ISO WTB 6" dual station vise

    Don't want to spend close to $800 on a Chinese one from MSC that is likely the same as a $285 fleabay one, and don't feel like spending 2G on a new Kurt. Anyone have anything they are looking to get rid of, maybe even two if the price is right. Thanks, Paul
  19. Hardplates

    3T radius diameter parameter and bit?

    Long story short, had to re enter the paramters. Now everything is fine except the machine is moving in radius not diameter. Found the offset parameter that controls radius diameter selections but can't find the other one for the life of me? Anyone know off the top of their head? The machine is...
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    Mitsu Meldas post modification help

    At the end of the program it sends X and Y home via G28 G91 X0. Y0.; This is a pain because then the work is usually not in front of the door. I would like it to just send Y home and omit X My post is as follows. I'm not sure quite sure what to change and figured I'd ask before I go playing...