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  1. ifixcnc

    Spindle current problem

    Horizontal boring mill, gear head. The speeds that have the disturbance will over heat the spindle motor. Fanuc has been in on the problem, and swapped out the drive, and tried to tune the problem away, with no luck. Motor meggers OK? Any ideas?
  2. ifixcnc

    Spindle current bouncing 2 to 10% at one speed?

    Newer Hyundai gear head HMC. Spindle current bounces at 2500 RPM (motor speed) in any gear? Lower or higher speeds have less bounce, up to a point when it flattens out? 1900 = OK 3200 = OK The speed is steady. The fluctuating current is enough of a problem that the motor over heats.
  3. ifixcnc

    31i how to backup 8 & 9000 programs?

    We have our 1st 31i, and I can not get the 8 and 9000 programs out of it? NE8 & NE9 are off. When I output O-9999 only programs below 8000 are in PROGALL? If I try to output any 8 or 9000 program I get The Wrong data is used. The machine is an 2018 Hyundai HBM. Thanks for any help. The manual...
  4. ifixcnc

    16i-MA G20 G21

    Forgive my lack of programming knowledge. What would cause G20 and G21 to simply move my decimal one place? Sajo HMC40
  5. ifixcnc

    Euro Sprint Lathe, has anyone ever seen one?

    Thanks for any insight anyone can offer. We bought this Twin Turret Euro sprint from HGR, it has no name plate or documentation. Seems to be well built and of European origin, it has an Fanuc 0 TT control. Beyond that I have no clue?