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    Mori MV35/40 spindle oil leak

    Continuing from my previous post https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/cnc-machining/mori-mv35-40-daikin-pump-noise-taiyo-hydraulic-spindle-counter-balance-seal-blowout-400585/ I came across a new problem while reassembling the machine that I thought warranted a new post. Before...
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    Mori MV35/40 Daikin pump noise & Taiyo hydraulic spindle counter balance seal blowout

    Mori MV35/40 Daikin pump noise & Taiyo hydraulic spindle counter balance seal blowout It all began when my hydraulic pump started making noise after letting the machine sit to long. Often when using the machine regularly, the hydraulic pump would make some noise at startup then quickly go away...
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    Faroarm silver part alignment

    I am having trouble getting my faroarm to origin where I want it to, as well as set the coordinate system to something I'm familiar with. What I am trying to do is reverse engineer a mold for casting lead weights with a surplus faroarm silver I purchased several years ago .. one of the...
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    Yasnac memory upgrade

    I have a MORI SEIKI MV35/40 w/Yasnac MX1 I'm looking for the memory installation instructions for the listed memory boards along with the 6041 parameters for both memory boards. JANCD-MM01C-02 and JANCD-MM06 Thank you
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    Mori MV35/40 Yasnac MX1 BTR DNC Drip options

    So Ive had the machine up and running for awhile and been sending files to the controller from an old Windows 95 Laptop with a DOS app called NCCE, now my programs are getting to big for the Yasnac memory, leading me to drip feeding. I thought I had a real BTR but from todays research it seems...
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    Mori MV35/40 Parameter Settings

    I have a Mori MV35/40 with Yasnac MX1 controller and 20 position tool changer and am looking for the parameter settings. I am mainly looking for the option settings and settings pertaining to the 20 position tool changer located in parameters 6030-6049 & 7000-7095. Ive had some discussion and...
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    Enlarging 8 tandem/inline .310 throttle shaft bores

    I'm trying to come up with a technique to enlarge (8) .310 throttle shaft bores to .325. It's aluminum and the bores are all about 2.5" apart spanning 18" It's important that the alignment of the bores stay as close as possible. I'd like to use a manual process but I have a milling machine...
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    240v Single phase - 3 phase transformer - 480v single phase - RPC & Compressor

    I'm interested in running my rpc on 480v in an effort to keep voltage drop on the 75' of input lines to a minimum. I'm considering transforming to 480v before the RPC with a 150kva 3 phase transformer in the 240v single phase supply line. My thought is by placing the transformer near the...