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    Source for used machine parts.

    This guy has a little bit of everthing. Especially turret lathe parts. Used to be more places like this. They're slowly dying off. The Search for bcbloc02's Steady Rest: Where old tools go to rest! - YouTube
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    Factory tour hydraulic cylinder manufacturing from Youtube

    This is very cool: YouTube
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    US Army Machine Shop

    From YouTube: YouTube
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    History Of Machine Tools - history vidio

    History of Machine Tools - YouTube
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    Old training film on VTL's

    All you old VTL guys will enjoy this. I know I did: Machine Shop Work: Vertical Boring Mill #1: Turret Lathe 1941 US Office of Education - YouTube
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    helicopter gearboxes

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    Standard Tool and Die

    Standard Tool and Die (old photos) STADCO is one of the biggest and best job shops on the west coast. They have a large air conditioned facility in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, established in the same location in 1941. These photos are from a brochure in the 1970's. At the time they were doing...
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    Bombardier CS100 wing spar

    A few years ago I programmed these 2 wing spars, left and right hand. Mat'l was alum plate 7050-T7451 4.25" thick, 462" long, 11.5" narrow end, 23.5" wide end. The pocket side has about 160 pockets. Machine is a 3 spindle 5-axis high speed (retro) gantry. Here are some photos...
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    A380 landing gear part

    In 2003 I was working for a shop that was machining landing gear parts for the A380. I was lucky to get assigned to program the upper panel for the nose gear. Unusual for landing gear parts the upper panel was made from an aluminum forging, real nice cutting stuff. Four positions, Rough side 1...
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    Boeing Dreamlifter bulkhead

    Back in 2005 the shop I was working in got a contract to machine some Boeing Dreamlifter bulkheads. The Dreamlifters were actually four 747 cargo jets that were converted to become Dreamlifters. Bulkheads are not too hard to program, usually an outer moldline and a whole lotta pockets...
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    nc programming pictures

    Some photos of some of the shops I've programmed in. I've got more if any of you guys are interested: https://flic.kr/s/aHskSBkeKr
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    New (used) Gantry Installation Updated

    The machine has been going together really quick. These guys know what they're doing. Haven't seen them refer to a manual even once. Now that the electrical cabinets are in place the pace has really slowed down to a crawl. Click on the link below...
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    new (used) gantry install

    They're installing a new (used) gantry where I work. If you guys are interested I'll update as they go along. I have many more photos of the aerospace shops I've worked in. Let me know if you guys are interested. Gantry Install by davehud1 | Photobucket
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    before and after airplane part

    Aluminum forging loaded on a 4-axis HMC this is a wing carriage, it helps to power the flaps in and out of the wing
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    Landing gear part

    Last contract I was programming landing gear parts for the new Airbus 380, note the man in the picture for scale. This is a drag stay panel on the nose gear, we were programming in CATIA, you can see the part on the screen. THe part is made from an aluminum forging. The machine is a 5-axis...