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  1. J

    Excess meter parts

    I have an unfinished Eico 232 kit that was never finished. Is this something someone is interested in? I think it is all there. JH
  2. J

    Excess meter parts

    Duplicate post.
  3. J

    Datsun/Nissan forks wont go down to floor.

    Like the title says, on my old Datsun/Nissan, the forks will go up just fine, but when going down, thay stop about 9 or 10 inches from the floor. Anybody run into this before? I think its hydraulic, but don't know where.
  4. J

    Datsu/Nissan forklift wont go to the floor.

    Need to delete this duplicate post.
  5. J

    Subaru Boxer engine?

    OT: Anybody got an opinion on the Boxer 6 engine in the new Subaru Legacy's? We have a 2015 Legacy with V6 that we really like. Wanting to trade for new Legacy, but V6 no longer available. What is everyone's opinion on the new engine? JH
  6. J

    Datson/Nissan fork lift

    Got a small 3000 lb. fork lift that has began to stop about a foot off the floor when letting the forks down. Can't get it to go lower, but by setting for a few days, forks will slowly go down by themselves. It sounds like a hydraulic problem, but not sure where to look. Has anyone run into this...
  7. J

    The Art ofElectronics -Paul Horowitz

    Wanted: Would like to find a cheap copy of The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz. Looking for 2nd edition (1989) or the 3rd. JH Clark
  8. J

    Tha Art of Electronics - Paul Horowitz

    Would like to find a cheap copy of The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, preferably the 2nd.edition (1989) or the 3rd. JH Clark
  9. J

    P.M. service not working easily!

    I have been having problems ,like TDegenhart, with the Private Message system. When I try to use it, as soon as I am ready to send, then suddenly I am unlogged in. JH On Edit: I emptied out a bunch of old P.M.s, maybe that will help. JH
  10. J

    Gunsmith tool kit comparison.

    Does anyone have a preference for one or the other when comparing Weaver brand toolkits to Wheeler? I have a lot of machinist and auto/truck tools, but thinking about buying some tools for my own use at the house for my own guns. Tired of bringing up tools for the occasion when doing a little...
  11. J

    Datsun/Nissan forklift w/propane problems.

    I have an old (1970's) 3 ton Datsun/Nissan forklift that starts and run poorly. It will start and run as long as the accelerator pedal is pushed, but does not want to idle. I suspect fuel problems, but not sure. I worked years ago (50) as a auto and truck mechanic before I started my...
  12. J

    Datsun/Nissan propane problems

    Oops, double post Oops, double posting. Sorry.
  13. J

    WTB - used 15/16 tapered shank bridge reamer.

    WTB - used 15/16 hex shank bridge reamer. Sorry, duplicate post because of stupidity.
  14. J

    Can't stay logged in.

    Is anyone else having trouble staying logged on? I tried to contact Practicalman, but don't think it went thru. So far in the last thirty minutes, about 6 or 7 times. Every time I change forums or try to launch a P.M., bingo, I'm gone. JH
  15. J

    KBC Model 500-D band saw

    FS: KBC Bandsaw w/20" throat, blade welder, 220V, single phase Excellent condition, Still under power. Several boxes extra saw stock. $3000.00 or best offer. E-mail - [email protected] or P.M. pics to follow if possible.
  16. J

    O.T. Surge protectors losing effectiveness ?

    O.T. Can surge protectors such as the kind we use on the back of the computer desk that have multiple outlets, lose the "surge protection effectiveness"? I was told this by computer techs at Best Buy and other stores. Supposedly, they will still function as electrical outlets as normal. If so...
  17. J

    Do three phase motors have start windings?

    I'm helping a friend build a phase converter with a Dayton Tri-Volt TEFC motor. It runs at 1745 RPM and the model number is 3N734. It runs good when wired up with two legs on 240V single phase and spun up with a rope. We were trying to get it to start on some capacitors and it trys to run at a...
  18. J

    Do any three phase motors have start winding?

    I'm helping a friend build a phase converter with a 7.5 HP Dayton Trivolt TEFC motor. this motor runs at 1745 RPM and starts easy with two legs wired to 240 single phase and spun with a rope. It is usable with 208 or 240 or 460 volts. It is presently configured for low voltage. When we put...
  19. J

    OT: Hardtofind ammo

    OT: Need a source for hard-to-find ammo(25-20 Win.). Any help is most appreciated. Thanks. JH
  20. J

    Hard to find ammo

    OT: Need a source for hard-to-find ammo (25-20 win.). Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. Sarge